A New Home for the News

Hello, all!

Nearly two years ago I began a daily (and later weekly) world news blog aimed at breaking down the news for the average busy reader. There is an incredible amount of information available on a daily (even hourly) basis from numerous publications, but few people have time to read it all. With The Blues & the News (TBTN), I hoped to streamline that process. In selecting the leading stories and headlines for the week, the goal was to provide readers with the information they were missing. As the blog grew, I sorted out what worked from what did not, edited the format numerous times, and continuously went back to the metaphorical drawing board to craft something suitable for readers.

All of this is to say that it was a good run on TBTN's previous website, but I've found myself wanting more freedom than a straightforward blog format provided. I had also always hoped to have a separate creative space (I am a photographer and a writer, in addition to an obsessive consumer of journalism and media.) Thus this new website was born. The News is now its own section, carrying over TBTN's legacy, while The Blues is my own creative space to mold however I would like. What will go there? I have no idea. But you are welcome to explore that section as it evolves, and we may both be surprised. By contrast, The News will remain in the format you are accustomed to, though shakeups in the future are always possible. The site is still a work in progress, and I am in the process of evening out the kinks. But, with time, my hope is that this move will prove to be a significant upgrade from TN's previous format.

Thank you (and enjoy!),