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The best piece I've read on how heterosexual women see friendship and how that hurts queer women and non-binary folks. Appalachia's booming Latinx population is changing food. Like most Americans, I was raised to be a white man. Imposter syndrome reigns. The extreme cyclists of Navajo Nation. Queer fabulismStreet art in Richmond. How to win elections in a system not set up for us. Returning to a Mennonite homeland. An ode to Adrienne Rich. Hola, partner. What are white writers for? The word America is pretty ugly. The joys and pains of watching today's young queer stars. The fatphobia of Insatiable. Sleeping birds and limp dicks. A great piece on, IMO, the biggest issue with Sorry to Bother You, a fascinating film. On Irish immigration and race.

© E.A. Crunden

© E.A. Crunden




Florida algae bloom = very bad (and it's becoming a huge midterm election issue.) Michigan's Democratic primary centered environmental issues. Baltimore is set to be the first major U.S. city to ban water privatization. Rashida Tlaib is set to be the first Palestinian woman and first Muslim woman elected to Congress -- and she's a champion for environmental justice. Green groups are probing the Trump administration's plans to house immigrants at Superfund sites. Puerto Rico finally admitted the death toll from Maria was 20 times higher than originally stated. 


Around the Globe

Africa. A ceasefire and power-sharing agreement in South Sudan. Uganda is hopeful about the agreement -- the country is hosting around one million refugees. Congo continues to eye anti-Ebola measures. Boko Haram killed nearly 20 soldiers in a fresh attack in Borno state. Eritrea wants tourists. Sudan's authoritarian leader eyes another term

Americas. Costa Rica rules against same-sex marriage ban. Venezuela's president survived a seemingly targeted assassination attempt by drone. Colombia's new president has been sworn in. Argentina shot down the chance to legalize abortion -- but seems to have birthed a movement. Chaos in Portland, Oregon after neo-Nazis rally with D.C. up next. Trump slams sanctions on Iran despite outcry from E.U. leaders

Asia & Australia. An earthquake killed more than 300 people in Indonesia. Road protests dominate Bangladesh. Saudi Arabia faces off with Canada. Overcrowding in Australia is becoming a major problem. Israel may have assassinated a top Syrian scientist. Israel's nation state law is still wildly unpopular. No rest for Afghanistan, ever.

Europe. Georgia and Russia butt heads over potential NATO membership. The Trump administration slammed Russia with new sanctions (much to Russia's displeasure.) U.S. tariffs are hurting the Turkish lira. Anti-government protests exploded in Romania.


Green Scene

Caribbean islands beg Trump to rejoin Paris deal. In Indonesia, an effort to help children enjoy the nature tourists love -- and to inspire them to protect it. In the Permian Basin, a sea of "man camps." California faces the largest wildfire in its history. Climate change is threatening rice, a Native American staple. Living between life and death in Pakistan as glaciers melt. Inuit dogsled racing is running out of time. Endangered birds in Alabama are threatened by beachgoers. The Green Climate Fund is in crisis. A huge victory for anti-pesticide activists. From Flint to Nigeria. Turning beach plastic into 3-D inventions. A view of hog farming's changing landscape. Fish arrive in the Arctic.

Spoken & Written

"It’s troubling to see how privilege accumulates over generations, particularly white privilege in the U.S., and, when people reach a certain level of safety, to see how they pull the ladder up after themselves." -- Maeve Higgins



MAN, it's been a rough week for your newsletter curator, for entirely personal reasons. To that end, I'm embracing:

Taking care of yourself, even if it's not socially acceptable. | Buying beautiful vegetables from the farmers market (or wherever!) | Having long, good discussions with friends about things that resonate with you, like this article did for me.