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Crime, history, and the Texas Panhandle. Men recommend books by men, I'm sure you will all be shocked to learn. The crucial value of Asian American representation in literature. A non-binary person was shamed out of the YMCA and I have never related more. The children who never made it out of U.S. orphanages. Sodium-packed fast food is hurting the health of Black Americans. The trailer for 1985 looks devastating and the trailer for My Brilliant Friend looks amazing. #MeToo and bad tv. Ecopoetics

Very excited for Michelle Tea's forthcoming longform thoughts on class and privilege passing. Wild Mares. Two very different men have very different dreams of Texas. On the anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, of course read Houston's Bryan Washington. Georgia's refugee stronghold. Teachers are becoming Instagram influencers to make money. What's in a name? Climate change needs to be about economic justice. Carmen Maria Machado has a fashion story for you. Colin Kaepernick and Nike, a thing few people should be trusted to break down, but Nif is one of them. Throwback to the feminist lesbian sci-fi boom.

Little Haiti, Miami, Florida. © E.A. Crunden

Little Haiti, Miami, Florida. © E.A. Crunden




I was reporting in Florida last week! From the Lake Apopka area, I wrote about how climate change is hurting farmworkers, and from Miami I wrote about climate gentrification in Little Haiti, local activist efforts to shift climate priorities in the city, and the big environmental crisis that will continue to dominate general election campaigning. 

From D.C., here's me: A new wave of progressive candidates aren't afraid to talk about the intersection of environmental issues and injustice. I interviewed Michigan's Rashida Tlaib about her radical platform centering environmental justice. The scars of California's wildfires will linger long after containment. Pruitt far outspent his predecessor on security. The revolving door between industry and Trump agencies continues to spin. Overwhelming heat is forcing school closures in areas across the Northeast and parts of the Midwest. In Delaware, voters chose between two competing green visions for the future. A mining consultant withdrew his nomination to lead the Interior Department's mining agency. On a tour of vulnerable Pacific islands, Zinke makes no mention of climate change, instead opting to tweet in support of fossil fuels. 

And, here's a feature piece several months in the making on how Puerto Rican activists are decades ahead of mainland efforts to bring renewables to the island. 

Around the Globe

Africa. Nigeria is forcing its displaced back to unsafe areas. Protests over the detention of an opposition lawmaker raged in Uganda. Poachers killed 87 elephants in Botswana near a sanctuary. Zimbabwe's former leader Mugabe says he accepts the leadership of Mnangagwa, his replacement. 

Americas. A tragic fire has destroyed some of Brazil's most valuable artifacts. Venezuela's crisis is impacting all of its neighbors. Latin America agreed to accept Venezuelans with expired papers. U.S. citizens on the border are being denied passportsApparently Trump is anti-WTO. (And really pissed about that one #Resistance op-ed.) An end to North Carolina's gerrymandered maps?

Asia & Australia. Burma's anti-Rohingya propaganda soars to new heights. Australia ousted Malcolm Turnbull has prime minister last week, because if there's one thing consistent about Australia, it's political coups. Syria prepares for the violent, bloody, maybe-conclusion to the country's painful civil war. In Malaysia, two women were publicly whipped over accusations of same-gender relations. Pompeo in Pakistan. India's colonial-era law criminalizing queer sex is buh-bye!

Europe. Spain's embrace of migrants and refugees doesn't extend to the 166 Africans who broke through a fence in July. The U.K. is blaming Russia's highest levels for an infamous nerve agent attack. Russia tried to spy on space?


Green Scene

Endangered turtles are dying in Mexico. The Poor People's Campaign comes for pollution. Detroit has shut its drinking water off in all public schools over elevated copper and lead levels. Roe, rights, and reconciliation. Aquaculture's unstable reality. The South is already a victim of climate change. Bayou Bridge pipeline protestors are being arrested in Louisiana under a controversial new law. The Forest Service is silencing women. Thousands of people have been evacuated in Japan after the most powerful typhoon to hit the island in 25 years wrought havoc. Northern Japan is also reeling from an earthquake. Whole Foods employees want to unionize. Sea level rise is coming for Virginia Beach.


Spoken & Written

"The belief that Colin Kaepernick is controversial exists only because we are in a country where iconography can be valued more than the people living under it." -- Hanif Abdurraqib



The latest season of Great British Bake-Off, a gentle light in hard times. | Not doing what I had to do this week, which was get a new phone thanks to mine dying on me. (I am VERY bitter, ask me how!)