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The Democrat Texas has been waiting for. Queer at the hair salonThe un-celebrity president, arguably my favorite of the lot. Pocket inequality. What makes someone Native American? The lazy trope of the unethical female journalist. Horror films and transmasculinity. The next generation of Southern organizing. Adrienne Rich forever. Mitski IS the cowboy. All hail Sia. Who gets to be remembered in Chapel Hill? Leftist, real country, real queer.

Icons. © E.A. Crunden

Icons. © E.A. Crunden




Incarcerated people are on strike over issues like forced labor -- including fighting wildfires. Rarely affected by hurricanes, Hawaii faced a Category 5 storm nearby for only the second time in its history. The most vulnerable Texans never recovered from Hurricane Harvey. In spite of Trump, California is leaning into renewables


Around the Globe

Africa. Dozens have died in Congo from the latest Ebola outbreak. RIP Kofi Annan. On Twitter, it's South Africa vs. Trump. Zimbabwe's top court sides with President Emmerson Mnangagwa in a fight over July's presidential election. 

Americas. Brazil has deployed troops to the Venezuelan border and Ecuador is cracking down on fleeing Venezuelans attempting to enter the country. So is Peru. Brazil's far right gains tractionBad week for Trump. In Georgia, an effort to disenfranchise Black voters quickly failed. Attempts by the president to co-opt the murder of a young woman in the name of xenophobia have been swiftly countered by her family

Asia & Australia. Saudi feminists take to the airwaves. Bhutan's emerging literary scene. Turmoil in Australia's government and Malcolm Turnbull is out as prime minister. U.S.-China trade war still going strong. Israel pushes forward with plan for 1,000 Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Southeast Asia is slowly turning on Burma over the persecution of the Rohingya. 

Europe. Hospitals are planning for a no-deal Brexit. Romania's leader claims he was the victim of an assassination attempt, an allegation that has become the subject of fierce debate. Pope Francis visits Ireland amid a tense moment for the Catholic Church. 


Green Scene

Heavy flooding is devastating the southern Indian state of Kerala. Indigenous communities are uniting to fight climate change. Trump unravels the Clean Power Plan. Puerto Rico's farmers face a long road to recovery. The Baptists and the yogis come together to fight a pipeline. The fight for cheap solar is going South. Coal isn't coming back and even coal miners are acknowledging that. Little floaties for little sea dragons. The oldest and thickest ice in the Arctic is coming apart, fun. 


Spoken & Written

"That Charlie's transition requires so much physical violence speaks to a lingering anxiety among many cis people that transition is at best a form of mutilation, and at worst a kind of death — a sloughing of one body in exchange for a new, different one. A girl dies so a boy can live as a boy." -- Sasha Gefen



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