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What it means to be in Crazy Rich Asians. The lie of Little Women. RIP, V.S. Naipaul, a complicated and sometimes terrible person. We stan Stephen Miller's uncle. Millennial poets of color are changing the game. Noir in Appalachia. On weight and weddings. So excited for My Brilliant FriendEmbracing masculinity in the eternal age of toxic masculinity. One Southern woman dismantles the beauty standards of her region -- including being blonde. New poetry by indigenous women and poets respond to Partition. Nif! Latinx poetry from the South.

© E.A. Crunden

© E.A. Crunden




Pipeline opponents are finally seeing victories in the South and Appalachia. Trump argued on Monday that New York's high taxes are thanks to a state fracking ban. Offshore drilling returns to haunt Florida's elections! Florida's big, toxic, red nightmare, explained.


Around the Globe

Africa. The U.S. approved new rules laying out the conditions through which Zimbabwe can end U.S. sanctions. Ugandan politician Bobi Wine was arrested by police who also fired into a crowd. Women in Tunisia may finally receive equal inheritance rights. Egypt marks five years since the Rabaa massacre. Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita claimed victory in the country's presidential elections. Destroyed water pipes spark arrests in Tanzania. 

Americas. Venezuelans are fleeing to Ecuador. Chile's culture minister was forced to resign after old comments surfaced displaying criticism towards a human rights museum. A huge reckoning for the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania. I regret to inform you that Trump is indeed revoking security clearances

Asia. In Ghazni, Afghanistan, a deadly assault by militants killed more than 120 people. Another attack on an education center killed dozens. Arab-Israelis demonstrated against the controversial nation state law. Google faces backlash over its decisions to expand into China. Former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee died at 93

Europe. On the streets, Romanians rage. A car driven by a British citizen rammed barriers outside the British houses of Parliament. A bridge collapse in Italy killed more than 20 people. Austria rejected a gay Afghan man's asylum application claiming that he did not present as gay.

Green Scene

A sweetheart deal for polluters in Kentucky. The West's wildfires are still raging. When neo-Nazis and white supremacists believe in climate change. After Harvey, a thriving ecosystem. Electric bills are skyrocketing in Appalachia as the region's economy collapses. Plastic is contaminating Texas cotton at record levels. Power is (sort of) back on in Puerto Rico. Here's how the Trump administration wants to reverse the Clean Power Plan. The first part in an epic series on Texas, Mexico, and water (some of my favorite things!) Water and air pollution from Hurricane Harvey was and is far higher than most people realize. Marine worms are eating plastic now.


Spoken & Written

" And in the queer community, we take what we want from masculine style and iconography, making them our own, while also trying to interrogate our own relationships with masculinity. I’m no different. Masculinity, I’ve always thought, is a trap. But I pursued it anyway. I still do." -- Henry Giardina 



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