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Life in Iran under sanctions. Immigrant, Montana. Why writing matters in the age of despair. Southern mothers, cruel, loving, nuanced, and fascinating. And how one Southern father is atoning for the tragedy he caused his queer daughter. Confessions of the Fox is excellent and we need more trans writers. (Related: queering the novel.) Queer Midwestern writing and art. Defend Sarah Jeong at all costs. In Austin, reckoning with the Confederacy might include the city's name.

Advertising hitting too close to home these days. © E.A. Crunden

Advertising hitting too close to home these days. © E.A. Crunden




California's heinous wildfires. Philadelphia ends cooperation with ICE. Appalachians win against pipelines, but an uphill battle remains. Trump's border wall is threatening a beloved Texas state park renowned for its birdwatching. Portland wins big in fight against fossil fuels. The Trump administration will defend an Obama-era ozone regulation against a lawsuit brought in part by Scott Pruitt. Amid raging wildfires, a bipartisan display of support for fossil fuels in Colorado. 


Around the Globe

Africa. Zimbabwe's election drama took a tragic turn, as did Mali's. Tunisia swore in a new interior minister. South Africa is doubling down on a controversial land policy. Who holds the balance of power in Nigeria?

Americas. Nicaragua's government faces off against the Catholic Church and at least 317 people have likely been killed in the violence sweeping the country. Trump threatens shutdown over border wall. 3-D printed guns sparked drama and a last minute intervention in the U.S. 

Asia. Ahed Tamimi is free. Now Trump is willing to meet with Iran but Iran is not willing to meet with Trump. North Korean missiles return. Gunmen took dozens of hostages in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. At least 29 Shia worshippers were also killed in the country when militants targeted a mosque. Israel's nation state law remains a source of controversy for minorities, including the Druze. Guess what, the U.S. and China are still in a trade war! Yemen is on the brink of another cholera outbreak.

Europe. The Pope comes out swinging against the death penalty. It's Spain and Portugal's turn for a heat wave. Turkey's escalating feud with the U.S. over the detention of an American citizen has sparked sanctions. No deal Brexit?


Green Scene

California's horrifying wildfires; Greece's horrifying wildfires. China will close 1,000 manufacturing plants to curb pollution. Kolkata, a city of water, struggles in the midst of global warming. Solar power on Navajo land. A retired furniture maker fights for climate justice in West Virginia. The future of coal.


Spoken & Written

"A white American telling an Asian American to “go back to where you came from,” for instance, isn’t the same as an Asian American saying the same to a white American, even if neither individual can claim ancestral roots as America’s first residents. To claim otherwise is to be blind to the history and social dynamics of this country." -- from this most excellent Slate rebuttal



This poem: "A position at the university". | Confessions of the Fox, and, more generally, literature in which you can see yourself.