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Millennial financial resentment. One furious comic genius. ...Anna March... The problem with dead girl stories. My body image issues also did not go away when I started dating women. Brooklyn's literary makeover through the eyes of its natives. Black, gay, and Catholic in Texas. I do not love or watch Queer Eye, a show straight women love, and this is a good essay diving into that. Paying for stuff is weird now. Aww, Michelle Williams. Jesmyn Ward's true South. When marriages fall apart. Sun dogs. Georgia has a coast. White fragility. Baptized into a Southern summer. Sex toys will never do the hardest work for you. Ask rural Southerners what would improve life in the rural South.

Cherry almond pancakes for your pains. © E.A. Crunden

Cherry almond pancakes for your pains. © E.A. Crunden




Sweltering heat is overwhelming Texas. The Interior Department purposefully sought to downplay the benefits of national monuments in favor of industry interests. In a letter quietly sent last week, a bipartisan group of lawmakers blasted a Pentagon report that altered references to climate change. Activists in Louisiana are fighting the Bayou Bridge pipeline with everything they've got. Fallout from Flint's water crisis continues amid reports that the death toll could be nearly ten times higher than the official count.  Turning SNAP recipients away from farmers markets has environmental implications. Michigan is once again grappling with water problems -- this time over PFAS. Rick Scott, brought to you by oil money!


Around the Globe

Africa. Ethiopia eyes democratic reforms while Eritrea may ease its conscription service, which has pushed a number of young men out of the country. India expands its Africa presence. Congo's Ebola outbreak is over. In Nigeria, a crisis between cattle herders and farmers is spiraling. Mali set to vote

Americas. A gunman opened fire in Toronto. Former FARC members took their seats in Colombia's parliament. Argentina's president opened a can of worms with military involvement in national affairs. Venezuela's horrifying inflation rate is still skyrocketing. Trump may strip former U.S. national security officials of their security clearance over their criticism of him. California grapples with the murder of Nia Wilson.

Asia. Iran and the U.S. began the week trading barbs. Israel organized the evacuation of members of the Syrian White Helmets, amid dwindling opportunities for the opposition to win against the government, but left 300 behind. Israel shot down a Syrian fighter jet. Pakistan chooses PTI's Imran Khan, who has doubled down on support for blasphemy laws, amid allegations of vote-rigging. North Korea hands over the remains of U.S. soldiers

Europe. Greece is on fire and Britain is drying out, to give you an idea of the weather in Europe. Brexit wars continue because Theresa May can't have nice things. Farmers' protests in France halted the Tour de France. Poles mass-protested the erosion of the country's judiciary. 


Green Scene

Aid is coming for farmers suffering from the trade war -- but what about the soybeans? One in every 14 acres in Central Appalachia has been altered by surface coal mining. Crisis in Laos following damn collapse becomes Cambodia's crisis as well. Climate change is making deadly wildfires worse. Deforestation is effecting global water cycles. Drillers and miners won't have to pay for the damage done to U.S. federal land. Seabirds are pooping out plastic. Where did all the BP oil spill oil go? Louisiana's indigenous communities want recognition so they can fight climate change. 


Spoken & Written

"I like to think that after I die, my children will look at that place and see a place of refuge, of rest. I hope they do not flee. I hope that at least one of them will want to remain here in this place that I love more than I loathe, and I hope the work that I have done to make Mississippi a place worth living is enough." -- Jesmyn Ward



Drink water, eat less bread (sorry). | Hike, walk, or generally enjoy some place green outside of a car. | Reach out to someone who could be a new friend; they could be cool, you never know.