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The wonders of Appalachian food. This small Texas town has a complicated relationship with ICE. TopsNow more than ever. Growing up Northern in the South. Countering stereotypes about Indian Americans -- when it comes to sex, among other things. Queer AppalachiaThe truth of Sharp Objects. Korean souls. What do novels about evil children say about us? Everyone has an accent. Eight books about Jewish queer women. When anti-Blackness comes to town.

Storm coming in the direction of Bar Harbor, Maine. 

Storm coming in the direction of Bar Harbor, Maine. 




Democratic lawmakers introduced a host of proposed minibus amendments in an effort to limit future scandals like the kind Scott Pruitt generated (they mostly failed, but hey, they tried). The EPA's "secret science" rule is deeply, deeply unpopular. More than half of U.S. school districts aren't testing for lead in their drinking water. Ryan Zinke is doing his best to catch up to Scott Pruitt in the federal investigations count. Setbacks in NYC and California aren't stopping Baltimore from suing Big Oil over climate change.


Around the Globe

Africa. A commercial flight carried passengers between Ethiopia and Eritrea, a historic moment. Zimbabwe's former president stepped down voluntarily, per a court ruling, which will allow his successor to take power. The trade war isn't helping Africa. Much ado about Africa and the World Cup. Kenya's mobile phone scam.

Americas. Haiti's prime minister resigned following heated protests. Cuba eyes democratic reforms. Venezuelan refugees pour into Colombia. The head of Peru's judicial branch has resigned amid protests over corruption. Canada's child benefits see a boost. The Trump circus goes on forever.

Asia. A major trade deal between the E.U. and Japan flies in the face of U.S. trade threats. Israel adopted a hardline new law discriminating against non-Jewish residents and launched yet another attack on Palestinians. Pakistan's elections are marred by attacks and accusations, along with potential military interference. 

Europe. Trump met with Putin in Helsinki and essentially sided with the Russian government over the FBI; then he (sort of) backtracked. Hungary panned a global migration agreement. The gas pipeline controversy dividing Europe. Turkey and the Netherlands have resumed full diplomatic ties.

Green Scene

Climate change is killing Lebanon's cedars. Texas is sweltering and California is on fire. India's slow, sweltering suffering. Wildfires are hindering air pollution progress. A win for Minnesota pipeline protestors. Oil king Texas. Meat and dairy emissions are BAD. Coal ash regulations are weakening. Black farmers say they were intentionally sold inferior seeds. Also via Southerly, Georgia could have the world's first sustainable highway. The Endangered Species Act is endangered. Black lung haunts central Appalachia. Oil and gas is hurting rural Texas.

Spoken & Written

“In a key sentence in my remarks I said the word ‘would’ instead of ‘wouldn’t'." -- POTUS



I had a spectacularly terrible week, something I don't say lightly as someone with a very glass-two-thirds-empty approach to life. Estranged family members wreaking havoc! Impossible student loan costs I can't afford! Horrifying things happening to close friends! Anyways I'm in a state of trying to pull myself together, so, things I am recommending to myself that you may also find useful are:

Hiking (I'm eyeing the C&O Canal and praying it doesn't rain). | Cutting something maybe bad out of your diet to see how you feel (unfortunately for me I think bread is on the chopping block). | Trying a new recipe.