The worst kind of familiar

Last week's newsletter was eaten for a lot of people -- if you missed it, it is here, with some very Puerto Rico-heavy coverage!

Blues Buzz

The devastating loss of Anthony Bourdain, who you should always read. The evolution of queerness in crime fiction. Life in the borderlands. Alabama's Republican women might still make history. Jane Fonda is and has always been an icon. Southernmost. I am intrigued. Mo Salah is an icon. How Native is Native enough? Artemisia. For writers, having children (or not) is always fraught. Unapologetically lesbian Latinx poetry. The abortion clinic that wasn't. Boston Review's terrible Junot Diaz response has prompted an exodus. A Socialist strategy in Jackson. How Killing Eve subverts the male gaze. Butch love letter. Memo to Shaun King from a Black Jew. No one really understands the South. 

We have taken up bread-making. © E.A. Crunden

We have taken up bread-making. © E.A. Crunden


I got a sunburn covering this week's efforts by the Poor People's Campaign, which highlight the intersection between ecological devastation and health care

West Virginia coal miners sue Gov. Jim Justice over bounced paychecks. Prominent Democrats are calling for a hearing into Puerto Rico's possibly staggering death toll. A bipartisan effort countering the White House's offshore drilling plans emerges in the South. Amid resignations and new scandals for Pruitt, Trump still maintains the EPA administrator is doing a good job. Trump will miss a key climate change meeting at the G7 summit by mere hours.


Around the Globe

Africa. Egypt's president began his second term amid crackdowns on various freedoms. Ethiopia will lift its state of emergency two months early. The country is also eyeing a peace deal with Eritrea. South Africa's Zuma appeared again in court over corruption charges. 

Americas. At least 75 died in Guatemala following a volcanic eruption. The U.S. is pushing for the Organization of American States to suspend Venezuela. Mexico hit back at the U.S. over trade. U.S. ambassador to Germany is a real fun, Nazi-loving time.

Asia & Australia. China-Australia relations not so hot right now. South China Sea drama returns. Israel brushed off the death of a young Palestinian medic, dismissing her killing as an accident. Afghanistan and the Taliban announced a ceasefire for Eid-al-Fitr.

Europe. NATO began a massive exercise in Poland and the Baltics. Hungary eyes even harsher measures for those considering helping undocumented immigrants. Spain gets a pro-E.U., mostly-female government. The U.K. gave Northern Ireland a slap over its abortion laws.

Green Scene

China takes aim at diesel. Fatventure coming soon. A plan to dam the Pearl River in Mississippi is meeting with opposition. Texas ag is falling victim to Trump's trade disputes. A town struggling with its history of toxins wants help from the EPA. Toxic drinking water becomes a campaign issue.


Spoken & Written

“If I am an advocate for anything, it is to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. Walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food. It’s a plus for everybody.” -- Anthony Bourdain, who like all men went awry many a time, but had many a decent thought



Start something and see it through -- I took up running 2-3 months ago and ran a 5k on Friday. | Eat a burrito, maybe even eat two, if it is a very, very trying day.