Contender for worst week ever

Throwback to a calmer time. © E.A. Crunden

Throwback to a calmer time. © E.A. Crunden


NOAA is reportedly pivoting away from a focus on climate change and towards...the economy and national security? California's war on fossil fuel companies just faced a huge setback. Ryan Zinke really loves "clean" coal and is under watchdog scrutiny. For low-income, Black, and Latinx Texans displaced by Harvey, relief is no guarantee. Native activists are preparing for Standing Rock-style protests following the approval of a Minnesota pipeline.

Around the Globe

Africa. Dozens of people were injured at a political rally during a seeming assassination attempt targeting the president of Zimbabwe. A Sudanese woman who killed her husband after he raped her will not be put to death. Senegal is out of the World Cup and now no African teams will advance, this is devastating news and UNFAIR.

Americas. Meet the man who is most likely to lead Mexico. Trump's border separation policies sparked mass-lawsuits. A socialist woman of color soared to victory in New York City. It was a hard week in SCOTUS rulings, which saw blows to anyone in need of an abortion, anyone impacted by the travel ban, unions, and more. SCOTUS Justice Kennedy is retiring in what is probably the worst political news any U.S. progressive you know has received since November 2016 and no links can possibly convey that. 

Asia. Another term for Turkey's Erdogan, with democracy activists beyond worried. Women in Saudi Arabia can now drive but prominent activists are being arrested. Anti-trafficking activists were raped in India following a street play. Malaysia's former prime minister is in hot water. Iran's economy tumbles. Following the arrival of Yemenis, South Korea is set to tighten its asylum laws.

Europe. Attacks against the Roma appear to be regaining traction in Europe. A breakthrough deal on migration comes for the E.U., but with few details. Even the Swedes are now questioning the "welfare state".

Green Scene

Rain is getting worse. So is deforestation. The Bayou Bridge pipeline seems to be coming, whether environmentalists want it or not. Disposable America. Corn wars are still coming for Pruitt. From the wonderful Southerly newsletter: polluted groundwater found at 14 Kentucky sites and four southern West Virginia water systems are in the top ten for violations across the country. The Mountain Valley pipeline has also been momentarily halted.

Spoken & Written

"Thanks for your prayers, but I couldn't give a fuck about them if there's nothing else." -- Phil Davis, Capital Gazette staff writer


Be with the people you love most and do the things you love most, or whatever else it is you need to feel ok. I for one am enjoying Mexican enthusiasm for South Korea