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Contemporary queer classics. The unending impact of closing rural schools. The strange case of the missing James Joyce scholar. Jews, Muslims, South Asians, Arabs, and Sikhs -- all disproportionately pushed in New York while waiting for the subway. Queering romantic comedy. Islam's new native informants. And another from my awesome friend Aysha's newsletter: a radical bookclub. Turning away refugees is an American tradition. Making it less gay. How can we expand the way we write about identities? Amandla Stenberg is gay as hell. I reject your asterisks. The expansion of lesbian pop culture narratives. A woman chef regrets joining the boys.

A mood. © E.A. Crunden

A mood. © E.A. Crunden




Michigan sets the new standard for confronting the danger posed by lead pipes. A Michigan gubernatorial candidate is behind the push to strike climate change, LGBTQ rights from the state's school curriculum (he has also argued the KKK is an "anti-Republican" organization as opposed to a white supremacist group.) Environmental advocates are suing over Pruitt's Oklahoma coal ash green light. To add to the Pruitt spending list: "tactical pants" and "tactical polos" as well as one lone email for a 10-month period.

Around the Globe

Africa. More than 30 people died in Nigeria's Borno state following an explosion. Ethiopia's prime minister admitted the government had previously tortured prisoners. Peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea? The pope thinks Europe should start treating Africa better. Efforts at peace in South Sudan have once again fallen through.

Americas. A conservative candidate triumphed in Colombia's elections. Violence continues in Nicaragua. Canada legalized marijuana in a landmark move. El Salvador is warning migrants against traveling to the U.S. So much to be said about the separation of parents and children at the U.S.-Mexico border, some of which is being said by the Mexican government.

Asia. Deadly suicide bombings have resumed in Afghanistan. Japan suffered a 6.1-magnitude earthquake earlier this week. Around 200 people are believed to have died in the sinking of a ferry boat in Indonesia. New Zealand's prime minister gave birth to a baby girl. Big week to be a Netanyahu.

Europe. Italy's radically conservative new government has re-upped an old European tradition: targeting the incredibly vulnerable Roma community. Trade war! Don't even talk to me about how I feel about Iceland's loss in the World Cup on Friday, I'm still sad. 

Green Scene

India is facing what some are calling the worst water crisis in its history. At the same time, the country is making big steps on renewables. The human cost of Appalachia's fracking boom. In South Carolina, support for offshore drilling is about to cost Republicans. Privatization comes for Puerto Rico's bankrupt electric company. Holes in the farmer-suicide-crisis story and the struggles of female farmers. Iceland's team of volunteer glacier keepers.


Spoken & Written

“When will I see my papá?” -- One of thousands of children taken from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.


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