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Three new Morgan Parker poems and new Carmen Maria Machado. Happy Loving Day. The best writing about Anthony Bourdain. Lost literary treasures of the American Midwest. Hero raccoon. Physical and mental health during Ramzan. Two years after Pulse, not enough has changed. It is the World Cup, here are books! Southern waters. In Athens, Georgia, immigrant servers walk a delicate line. Apologies for the PoPville link but for D.C. residents looking to watch the World Cup. Misogyny is boring, Carmen Maria Machado is anything but.

The history of women in Northampton, Massachusetts. © E.A. Crunden

The history of women in Northampton, Massachusetts. © E.A. Crunden


Booming oil in West Texas amid a national pipeline shortage may force environmentalists to make hard choices. The G7 summit solidified the "G6-plus-one" dynamic, especially on climate issues. Republicans have thrown their weight behind an Obama-era climate amendment. The DNC has unanimously banned accepting donations from fossil fuel PACs. Trump has nominated a conservative D.C. insider to lead the CEQ. A former solar company employee has sued alleging racial discrimination, including a "White Only" clubhouse. An Oklahoma energy executive helped Pruitt obtain Rose Bowl tickets. Farmers are furious with Pruitt -- but not because of his scandals.


Around the Globe

Africa. A fair election in Madagascar? Health officials are still worried about Ebola in Congo. Land-locked Ethiopia may rebuild its navy. That country will receive $3 billion from the UAE to ease its currency shortage. Wage protests are threatening South Africa's power supply.

Americas. The NAFTA World Cup. Mexico eyes a far-left candidate amid brutal election violence. Trump blew up the G7 summit. Crime is costing Brazil a lot. Big time for big mergers. Argentina's big abortion vote brought the country one step closer to legalization. A sex abuse scandal in Chile isn't going away for the Catholic church. James Comey is back.

Asia & Australia. North Korea talks. The U.S. has a new embassy in Taiwan. War is still waging in the Gulf and a Yemeni city is under siege. Japan's labor shortage could be an opportunity for international labor. U.S.-China trade escalation, round five hundred. The leader of the Pakistani Taliban is believed dead in Afghanistan.

Europe. Spain will take the refugees that Italy will not. A lot of super fun things going on in Italy in general! Say hello to North Macedonia. Crimea, back in the headlines. The U.K.'s hardline stances on immigration and visas are hurting the country's ability to stay competitive


Green Scene

Australia's devastating drought. A water pipeline for West Virginia. For fish in the Gulf of Mexico, global warming is a mixed bag. "Craft" meat? The Texas town that's all renewable despite the oil boom. Hurricane Sandy created a culture of radical environmentalism. Delhi's smog is back. Kinder Morgan broke rules for months. Antarctica is melting very, very fast. Virginia's sinking island. Can farming save Puerto Rico? Climate change and Greenland's Inuits. Georgia's solar state vibes. Inside Exxon's fight to stop climate change litigation. Amid water scarcity, fish or farms? Bangladeshis are fleeing rising waters.


Spoken & Written

“Agriculture is not very happy with Mr. Pruitt at this point." -- David Fremark, whose family runs a farm in South Dakota. 


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