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Blues Buzz

Zinzi Clemmons is one of many women coming for Junot Diaz. Women are not the ones writing Letters to the Editor. What it means to be a disabled writer. In writing, a diaspora flourishes. Jewish matchmakers, hard at work around the world. The Mexico City restaurant using Texas BBQ to rescue deportees. Dating while non-binary. Queer intersections and Southern spaces, a call. Queer women can't afford to be ambivalent about motherhood. A thousand crossings.

Mexico City. © E.A. Crunden

Mexico City. © E.A. Crunden




Colorado State University apologized after two Native American students were detained and questioned during a campus tour. Actors were paid to attend New Orleans city council meetings in support of a new power plant. Sea levels are rising and South Florida isn't prepared. (Relatedly: Last year, climate change helped make Hurricane Harvey a nightmare -- this year, hurricane season could be even worse, and many communities aren't prepared.) Connecticut, however, might be. A judge ruled against Louisiana as controversy continues over the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. The latest in Virginia anti-pipeline protests: a family is facing fines for protesting on their own land and doctors were again denied access to protestors. A climate science denier took over NASA less than a month ago -- now, say goodbye to the Carbon Monitoring System.


Around the Globe

Africa. Tunisia finally voted in municipal elections. Zambia, friend, we need to chat. At least 200 people have died in Rwanda in landslides this year. Congo has an Ebola outbreak and one person has already died. Straddled with debt, Gambia attempts to sell off its ex-leader's luxuries. 

Americas. Honduras has expressed displeasure with the U.S. decision to send thousands of protected immigrants back to the country. Indigenous communities are suing Canada over years of abuse. Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Iran deal, enraging virtually everyone but Saudi Arabia and Israel. Conflicts of interest forever!! A lot of Michael Cohen news.

Asia & Australia. Afghans attempting to vote are facing violence. Pakistan's interior minister survived an assassination attempt over the weekend. A revolutionary time for Pakistan's trans and third gender communities. Tensions between Israel and Iran explode. India is still plagued by dust storms. Three Americans held by North Korea have returned home. Mahathir Mohamad will lead Malaysia, a major turn for the country. Iraqis head to the polls. Australia suffered its deadliest mass shooting in years.

Europe. Poland's Jews live in fear. Putin, round four. Germany and France reaffirmed their commitment to the Iran nuclear deal. Hungary's government continues to live up to its reputation as Hungary's government. An attack on a journalist may affect Montenegro's E.U. membership bid.


Green Scene

Coal country (diverse coal country!) on Trump. California will require solar panels on all new homes. A climbing memoir without a happy ending. On being a plus-size hiker. A Kenyan dam burst, killing at least 40 people. Trade disputes mean China is looking to purchase soybeans from Brazil. There is a lot of bad hog waste news but here is good hog waste news. Also good news: Southern wind energy! Training the polar bear patrol.

Spoken & Written

"This was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made. It didn't bring calm, it didn't bring peace, and it never will." -- Donald Trump on the Iran Deal. The IAEA has certified that Iran has complied with the deal 11 times. 



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