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Programming note: this newsletter is taking a one-week hiatus to accommodate both a reporting trip and an undergrad reunion. Mea culpa.  

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An ode to Marfa, Texas. Getting the fuck out of Raqqa. Re-writing the narrative of Appalachia. I live for Michelle Tea. A beautiful piece on Ramzan (Ramadan) and fasting. For Muslim Puerto Ricans, a time of healing and hardship. An Irish Problem: On the country's coming abortion reckoning. I will read absolutely anything connected to Dorothy Allison. Notes on dyke camp. Her Appalachia. The many voyages of Walter Anderson. Hunting for a lesbian canon. Migration season.

Summer spring rolls we did, in fact, make. © E.A. Crunden

Summer spring rolls we did, in fact, make. © E.A. Crunden




Indigenous groups, environmental activists, and institutional investors representing more than $2.5 trillion are calling on oil and gas companies to steer clear of Arctic drilling. Following the release of emails revealing White House and EPA officials sought to block a health study pertaining to toxic chemicals, lawmakers are demanding answers. A North Carolina solar group partnered with a Black church in a failed effort to flout a utility monopoly. Everyone is mad at Scott Pruitt except for Scott Pruitt. MORE Virginia pipeline updates: a nonprofit is suing the Forest Service after an anti-pipeline protestor was denied medical care. An axed NASA climate science program is back from the dead.


Around the Globe

Africa. Kenya is set to investigate a deadly dam burst. Political unrest haunts Burundi. South Africa recalled its ambassador to Israel following deadly Israeli crackdowns on Palestinian protestors. The country is also facing a listeria outbreak.

Americas. There will be an independent probe into the killing of anti-government protestors in Nicaragua. A dam burst in Colombia has displaced 5,000 people. Canada eyes adding a third gender option to its next census. First whale sighting of the year goes to Nova Scotia! 

Asia. Suicide bombings in Indonesia were carried out by one family. Diplomatic drama in Pakistan. More than 50 Palestinians died and more than 2500 were injured when Israeli soldiers fired on protestors in Gaza. The UN has condemned the violence. Iraqi elections yielded surprising results. Maybe no North Korea talks? But trade talks with China continue.

Europe. Another knife attack in Paris. In Hungary, the war on Soros is working -- at least in so much that it is shutting down democracy efforts. The Russian ex-spy allegedly poisoned by the Kremlin has been released from a hospital in Britain. 


Green Scene

The hidden costs of Romanian coal. The Appalachian boom. In the Ivory Coast, intense rainfall could harm cocoa production. One West Virginia town is still haunted by a coal mine explosion. Erosion of a culture. Let us now blame the rocks. Texas and California may not be as prepared for the summer as everyone else. Unmasking a salmon virus. Ship soot phones? This snail memory story is both cool and terrifying.


Spoken & Written

“Stop being so uptight and boring and xenophobic and just let people figure out how to lives their best lives.” -- Michelle Tea



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