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Gay, Muslim, and a refugee in Trump's America. What does an American city sound like? The silence (but what about the women who have loved male survivors?). Hags in your face. Blue Alabama. In love and anxiety. How a male author would describe you. Armenian and Urdu, a comparison. G-d save Austin. Poetry by indigenous queer women. What did the South do to arroz con pollo? Memory of the Holocaust slips away and anti-Semitism roars. On seatbelts and sunsets (and two other new things from Nif.) The South's push to re-segregate its schools. All the novels now Pulitzer Prize-winning author Andrew Sean Greer almost wrote. The local carb diet.

Mt. Rainier. © E.A. Crunden

Mt. Rainier. © E.A. Crunden




Last week: The border isn't happy with the National Guard deployment. Texas' wealth-based bail system sparks yet another lawsuit. Meet the new Poor People's Campaign. The DOJ will halt and audit a legal aid program for detained immigrants facing deportation. Mexican-American studies finally get the go-ahead in Texas -- with one major caveat.

This week: Kansas farmers pay the price for White House trade rhetoric. A Texas official thinks millennials and "especially students" are to blame for the state's suffering oil and gas industry workforce shortage. Even EPA staffers with deep industry ties aren't happy with the agency's "secret science" initiative. 


Around the Globe

Africa. Chad is no longer included in the U.S. travel ban (and it's still unclear why it was ever included to begin with.) More than 250 people died when an Algerian plane crashed. The U.N. wants to eliminate yellow fever epidemics across the continent. Malawi's cholera death toll rises. Can the country rid itself of HIV?

Americas. Hope for queer people in Trinidad and Tobago. Twenty people died in Brazil during an attempted prison break. Cuba without a CastroA mea culpa from Pope Francis on sex abuse allegations in Chile. 

Asia. Syria's catastrophe is fueled by Russia, Israel, and Iran. The U.S. could get involved even more than it is??? Salman Khan is literally never going to have to actually pay for being a shmuck. A Palestinian journalist was shot and killed by Israeli snipers during protests in Gaza. The rape and murder of a young child exploded tensions between Hindus and Muslims in India. Banknote shortage in the Subcontinent. A U.S.-North Korea talk maybe coming to a world near you.

Europe. Hungary's right-wing leader was re-elected following an anti-Semitic campaign that seems set to continue. A sex abuse scandal roils the Nobel Prize committee. Romanian leaders brawl over Israeli embassy move.


Green Is A Thing

Texas makes billions from oil and gas -- at the expense of rural communities. The connection between Hurricane Harvey and jail. Endangered rivers. The Puerto Rican town trapped in toxic waste. Houston's soggy future. Red states are leading the wind energy charge.


Spoken & Written

“El Paso is safer than Washington D.C., than Chicago, than most of the country’s major cities. But they still insist that we need walls, that we need to militarize the border." -- Fernando Garcia, executive director for the Border Network for Human Rights


Climb a mountain. (A real one, like Mt. Rainier, where I was last week.) | Maybe don't travel ALL the time (as I feel I'm currently doing.)