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How activists in the South are trying to stop deportations. On Giant's shoulders. How Janelle Monáe found her voice. Also: HAPPY DIRTY COMPUTER DAY, everyone has feelingsHoly spaces in Houston. On passport privilege. Working class queer immigrants. What to do about Texas, the nation's most controversial state? LGBTQ dating apps in Egypt come with hope and harm. Justice Kagan may have a way to end the travel ban. On Bill Cosby's "pound cake" speech and his undoing. Japan's Rent-A-Family industry. Inside the implosion of RNS. What being a lesbian means. Cameron Esposito is the comic the #MeToo movement needs. The Orthodox Jewish lesbian spit movie that I really need to see asap. What Waffle House means to Southerners. In Alabama, a reckoning as a lynching memorial opens.

Spring comes to D.C. © E.A. Crunden

Spring comes to D.C. © E.A. Crunden




Koch influence on Trump climate policy is drawing scrutiny. References to climate change keep disappearing from EPA websites, with global implications. China is seeking a renewable energy push as the U.S. falls behind. Attorneys have penned a letter to local officials in Virginia expressing concern that an anti-pipeline protestor might die or suffer injury if she is in fact being deprived of food and water. The Trump administration is quietly targeting documented immigrants and their partners


Around the Globe

Africa. Madagascar's leader called for an end to deadly protests. Starting a blog in Tanzania is a bit expensive. A gay love story isn't going over well in Kenya. Ethiopia eyes term limits for its prime minister. Pot in Zimbabwe.

Americas. The caravan carrying aspiring asylum seekers (predominately Hondurans) arrived at the U.S. border. Nicaragua is going through a massive uprising. Priests keep dying in Mexico. A deadly van attack in Toronto by a man who seemingly belonged to a strange, walled-off community known for its misogyny. In the U.S., thousands of Nepalis lost their home overnight. Teacher walkouts continue.

Asia. At least 57 people died in a bombing outside a voting registration center in Kabul. Israel scrapped plans to mass-deport African citizens back home. A North Korean nuclear test site might have collapsed? North and South Korea move towards historic peace talks. The leader of the Houthis is reportedly dead in Yemen.

Europe. Armenia's prime minister resigned after massive protests. Both French and German leaders tried their hand at U.S. diplomacy this week. Spain's enduring machismo culture has ignited a firestorm. In Romania, more drama over Israel.


Spoken & Written

"For me, lesbian completely casts aside the idea of men. It puts me and the people I love ahead of the patriarchy. It relieves me of even pretending that I give a shit what any of them have ever thought. It thankfully gives me space to center women (and other people who aren’t men), which is all I’ve ever wanted to do." -- Laneia Jones, Autostraddle executive editor 



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