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The people left behind by #MeToo. The movement comes for Sherman Alexie. Climbing needs more first ascents by women. International students aren't coming to the U.S. The West Virginia teachers' strike is a model for the leftHow to understand the strikeSome Eileen Myles. Danny Ortberg on the joys of transitioning and how white men are still garbage. Puerto Rican schools seek emotional healing for teachers and students. What happens after progressive revolution comes to a city like Durham? 47 passionate comments from straight people on an article saying there is no such thing as straight people. Thinking about Kanye's Katrina moment. RIP Stephen Hawking. What's wrong with the Nat Geo twin cover. Immigrant life in Florida. The common heart. What sucks about Gigi and Zayn's breakup. The 75-year Christian interracial farm experiment. Too large a thing to contain. The wonderful history and importance of Tex-Mex, the true food of the Lord. The ties that bind the Global South.

Mexico City. © E.A. Crunden

Mexico City. © E.A. Crunden





Kentucky is moving closer to banning most abortions after 11 weeks. Then there's Iowa, which could ban abortions before most people even know they're pregnant. SB4 goes into effect in Texas but the fight goes on for activists. For Black students, the walkouts meant something far more profound. U.S. cuts to UNRWA are reportedly far worse than originally thought. 

Last week: Progressive momentum is alive in Texas -- but that's thanks to decades of work. Ah yes, that time Bibi compared Trump to a Persian king. Retaliatory E.U. tariffs would hit the Rust Belt, Midwest, Appalachia. Texas has never sent a Latinx woman to Congress -- that's about to change.


Around the Globe

Africa. Sierra Leone elected a new president. U.S. fire fights in Niger: more widespread than the government originally indicated. Chad off the U.S. travel ban?  White farmers in South Africa have an Australia visa advantage? The teflon president is teflon no more.

Americas. Yellow fever spreads in Brazil. The murder of a Rio activist and councilwoman has enflamed tensions across the city. A Salvadoran woman convicted of murder (for an abortion) was released. Argentina eyes an abortion referendum. Guatemala joins the U.S. in moving its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. The Canadian dollar is slipping thanks to NAFTA talks. The saga of Trump, Trudeau, and making things up. After nine days, teachers in West Virginia won. But West Virginia also wants to ban abortionRexit. McMaxit?

Asia & Australia. The U.S. is beefing up its presence in Vietnam. North Korea nuclear talks? Following rape accusations, a South Korean official resigned. A powerful earthquake hit Papua New Guinea. Sri Lanka declared a state of emergency following attacks on Muslims. More than half the passengers aboard a flight from Dhaka to Kathmandu died in a crash landing. Japan's prime minister is embroiled in scandal. Singapore is the most expensive city in the world. Israel halted the mass-deportation of West Africans from the country. The U.S. could restrict visas for Chinese students.

Europe. Italy's elections aren't a good sign for basically anyone. Another former Russian spy has fallen ill after contact with a mysterious substance -- leading to a sprawling diplomatic disaster. Slovenia's prime minister resigned. So did Slovakia's.


Green Is A Thing

FEMA's outdated flood maps. The Horn of Africa is drying up. Most of America's fruit is imported. How the EPA hurt Alabama. What 2.4 million gallons of oil is doing to Charleston. Appalachia is the least climate-resilient region in the U.S. Students in coal country want renewable energy. Hail the octopus.


Spoken & Written

"Yeah, that’s been anxiety-inducing, especially because: Men as a group? Not fantastic. White men as a group? I don’t have a sense that I will be met with safety and joy on the other side." -- Daniel Mallory Ortberg on his transition



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