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From Selma to Montgomery. Marriage equality is a matter of tribal sovereignty. An imaginary week without anxiety. The Sherpa women smashing glass ceilings. We need more women of color working in the outdoors. The myth of idealogical diversity. How birth control advocates found an ally in religion. Tinder and Bumble are at war. A betrayal. Unruly bodies. Can straight couples survive #MeToo? Wonderful Richmond.

© E.A. Crunden

© E.A. Crunden




The citizenship question is going to mess with Texas. In a blow to Trump administration, undocumented teenagers seeking abortions will be allowed the procedure writ large as an ACLU lawsuit proceeds. A massacre in Gaza left 15 dead and more than 700 people wounded. Trump spent two days attempting to link "caravans" to DACA -- incorrectly. China is hitting U.S. farmers where it hurts following White House trade antics. Puerto Rico will close 283 schools amid dwindling funds and population decline.


Around the Globe

Africa. RIP Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Sierra Leone's post-election drama is just getting started. South Africa's Jacob Zuma has been charged with corruption. Ghana is going forward with upping U.S. military presence in the country.

Americas. Caravan drama. Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is in a lot of trouble but going forward with his campaign. Trump is getting ready to send troops to the southern border and the Pentagon isn't pleased. The majority of Canadians think a trade war is coming. Facebook drama forever. Teachers are on strike across the South and Appalachia.

Asia. China responded to U.S. tariffs -- with its own tariffs. Anti-India protests are sweeping Kashmir. India briefly floated -- and then walked back -- efforts to ban "fake news." In Israel, a deal and then limbo for Africans seeking refuge. For Gazans, a week of tragedy and resolve. Where is Googoosha? Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye has been convicted on a number of charges including bribery and extortion. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Raza called elections.

Europe. Russia is cracking down on Telegram, a messaging app used in many parts of the world where censorship has stomped out alternatives. Efforts to reform various sectors aren't going over well in France. Hungary's increasingly authoritarian government is on the way to re-election


Green Is A Thing

U.S. conservatives are still way behind on climate consensus. Hurricane season 2018 will be above-average. And, hurricane season is eight weeks away and the U.S. still isn't ready. Clean air and helping the whales. Erasing the anthropocene. The dying coal ash spill workers of Tennessee. The next Flint?

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“People think it’s a concept. People are like, ‘oh, we’ve already seen a music video about two girls,’ and it’s like, cool, I’ve seen a video about a girl and a guy literally my entire life, 4 bajillion times. So why is mine a concept and yours a reality?” -- Hayley Kiyoko



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