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A feminist history of the bicycle. Black and Midwestern. The Delta Chinese. Filipinx food finds its footing in the U.S. The uprising of women in red states is just beginning. Why we need queer books. The racial wealth gap. Fifteen years ago, America destroyed my country. The desert, divided. “We are made of the all the things we have consumed.Remembering Brazilian lesbian activist Marielle Franco. Photos to challenge your assumptions about race and coal country. Appalachia isn't Trump country. Celebrating Nowruz in America. Related: how the media fails AppalachiaQueering seder. What isn't mine isn't mine.

Mexico City © E.A. Crunden

Mexico City © E.A. Crunden




A fourth bombing shook Austin and a fifth closely followed (albeit closer to San Antonio.) The suspect later died in an explosion following a car chase. Six months after Maria, Puerto Ricans rallied at FEMA. Back and forth over tariffs is threatening the very regions Trump vowed to revitalize. Here's how the world reacted to John Bolton's appointment


Around the Globe

Africa. Around 14 people were killed in an explosion in Somalia on Thursday. Nigeria is facing a Lassa fever outbreak. An African free trade zone. Political violence is playing out across Sierra Leone. Zambia's leading party will see to impeach the country's president.

Americas. Another journalist was murdered in Mexico, this time in Veracruz. On sea access, it's Bolivia v. Chile. There's now a tuberculosis outbreak in Venezuela. Government-sponsored segregation in Houston. Bolton incoming.

Asia. Nearly 30 people died in a bombing targeting a Persian New Year's celebration. Crackdowns on drug dealers continue in the Philippines. China is warning the U.S. the country isn't afraid of a trade war -- or targeting U.S. farmers. (Relatedly, the U.S. snubbed Japan on tariff exemptions.) Eastern Ghouta is still in hell.

Europe. Anti-Semitism continues to factor heavily into Hungary's election. Indeed, another term for Putin. Drama over the poisoning of a former Russian spy in the U.K. is sparking a crisis. Sarko's back. Mass protests in Poland as the government tightens abortion restrictions. ISIS claims another attack in France.


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"Human scum." -- North Korea loves John Bolton! 



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