1. Stop making boxes. 2. Stop putting people in them.

Happy Texas day. © E.A. Crunden

Happy Texas day. © E.A. Crunden


A feud between Texas anti-abortion organizations is finally boiling over. Georgia is moving closer to barring adoption for queer couples. Anti-Semitism is alive and roaring in the U.S. More than 40 areas and countries lack a U.S. ambassador. The same Trump administration official who wanted to "reverse" a teenager's abortion also believes undocumented immigrants do not have the right to abortion, period. NAFTA talks were already going poorly -- then the White House endorsed "trade wars."


Around the Globe

Africa. The last families living in Tunisia's underground homes. Multiple armed attacks targeted French buildings, including the country's embassy, in Burkina Faso on Friday. Militancy remains an ongoing fact of life in northern Nigeria.

Americas. Mexican police in Veracruz are accused of using death squads. Venezuelans are fleeing to Colombia and the Western Hemisphere's refugee crisis begins. The country also delayed its presidential election. NAFTA talks aren't going well thanks to U.S. demands and Canada isn't optimistic. Related: trade wars; U.S.-Mexico relations are doing poorly in general.

Asia. India to Justin Trudeau: Sigh. Xi Jinping moves closer to becoming China's leader for life. A quake in Papua New Guinea killed at least 20 people. Taiwan is going through a toilet paper crisis. North Korea's dark ties to Syria's war. Taliban recognition, coming to an Afghanistan near you.

Europe. Anti-circumcision measures in Iceland are going over poorly with Jews and Muslims. Thousands rallied in Moscow on the anniversary of opposition activist Boris Nemtsov's death. A Slovak journalist was killed, likely for his work -- along with his partner. Hungary's ruling party faced an unexpected local election setback. Sexual harassment accusations come for the U.K.'s Labour party. Northern Ireland is a problem for Brexit. It is never too late in the 21st century for Marine Le Pen news.


Green Is A Thing

Climate change and overfishing are harming Native communities. Hurricanes left behind a mountain of trash in the Virgin Islands -- with nowhere to put it. King penguins are endangered by global warming. Rome eyes banning diesel cars. What follows Standing RockBeat of the East. South Africa's Western Cape is set to take heavy agriculture hits. A plastic-free aisle comes to the Netherlands. Cape Town's wealthy are drilling wells as water runs out, while the poor struggle for food. Meanwhile, the water crisis could mean penalties for officials. "My elementary school is a toxic waste site and other hometown environmental nightmares." The West Virginia teachers' strike comes for coal, gas. Poland is banking on electric cars


Spoken & Written

“Our county said we would not be returning to the classroom. We did not want to go back with a promise. We wanted it signed, sealed and delivered. We wanted it to be fulfilled, not just empty words." -- Katie Endicott, a West Virginia high school English teacher


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