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What rescinding DACA would do to Texas. Whitewashing "Trump country." Amazon could speed up Atlanta's displacement problemsAndrogyny isn't just for thin people. How do you launch a generation of Native American writers? Gumbo in the age of social media. Teenage bisexual Latinx activist Emma González is coming for the U.S. government. Reparations for Black and indigenous farmers.

Brooklyn, NYC. © E.A. Crunden

Brooklyn, NYC. © E.A. Crunden


Global human rights are under siege in the age of Trump -- but activists are fighting back. Scott Pruitt's having a time. Poland's foreign minister said "Poles of Jewish ethnicity" share blame for the Holocaust. UNICEF issued a blank "statement" amid an ongoing massacre in Syria. Trump's war on NAFTA is hurting U.S. farmers. The White House has decided there is no need for a new AUMF. And, it's official: the U.S. is not a "nation of immigrants."

Around the Globe

Africa. Nigeria on ice. Another group of Nigerian girls have been seemingly kidnapped by Boko Haram. Five people were killed during a raid on a South Africa police station. A U.N. report says more than 40 South Sudanese officials are responsible for war crimes.

Americas. Oxfam has apologized to Haiti over sex abuse claims. The youth shall lead us and gun control is coming to a head in the U.S. maybe finally, with Trump attempting to mitigate fallout. Pennsylvania's gerrymandering saga continues. Billy Graham is dead. West Virginia teachers go to war for their rights.

Asia & Australia. An Iranian plane crashed, killing all 65 people onboard. Relations between Iran and Israel are as relaxed and friendly as usual. The U.S. wants Pakistan on its Global Terror List. Syria saw one of the bloodiest stretches in its seven year civil war and Eastern Ghouta has been destroyed. Australia's scandal-plagued deputy prime minister is resigning his post.

Europe. Poland isn't into the E.U.'s rule of law plan. A suicide attacker targeted the U.S. embassy in Montenegro. Suicides in Northern Ireland have now surpassed the death toll of the Troubles. 


Green Is A Thing

Can you hack coral to save it? Puerto Rico's ongoing energy woes. The climate rulebook will likely be done this year, with or without the U.S. A study shows that people of color deal with more air pollution than white people in 46 states. The coal industry is celebrating a severe blow to West Virginia media. Yes, volcanic ash can bring down an airplane! The Southern revolt against offshore drilling. Severe weather drenched the Midwest and parts of the South this week. These women are the only reason some people in Mexico City have any water. A tsunami of trash. Canada is looking into the (likely terrible) impact of microplastics.


Written & Spoken

"I’ve said at events that “I don’t write for straight people. If they like it, that’s great, but I’m not writing for them.”" -- Carmen Maria Machado to Autostraddle


Her Body and Other Parties -- Carmen Maria Machado | "The End" -- Daughter