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Beto O’Rourke is slowly making inroads with white, Evangelical Texas women. How do we move beyond commodified feminism? For progressive Democrats, politics as the new religion. The Trump administration’s anti-abortion policies have reverberated around the world. Men remain hot garbage. 93% of eligible voters in my home county, Travis, are registered to vote, which is amazing. How journalists can better cover the midterms in Kentucky and Appalachia.

Smith College, Northampton, MA. © E.A. Crunden

Smith College, Northampton, MA. © E.A. Crunden


Arriving late into hurricane season, Hurricane Michael worried the Florida panhandle (it turns out, for good reason). Attack ads targeting Tallahassee mayor and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum continued to air in the hurricane strike zone even as Gillum himself suspended campaigning. Nearly 30 environmental and health laws have been waived to allow for border wall construction to go forward in South Texas.

Wheeler's first big science test indicates he'll be a lot like Pruitt: of the five new appointees to the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC), at least two have downplayed the link between pollution and public health impacts. Democrats aren’t happy about the Interior Department’s new, EPA-style science restrictions.

Around the Globe

Africa. Ethiopia will offer visas on arrival to citizens from African countries. Africa’s likely-youngest billionaire was kidnapped at gun-point in Tanzania. More than 40 people have died in Uganda amid mudslides. More than 800 child soldiers in Nigeria have been freed.

Americas. Suspicions are swirling after the death of a Venezuelan opposition leader. (Venezuela’s president notably thinks Trump tried to assassinate him.) Violence and fear dominate Brazil’s increasingly right-leaning elections. Transit-oriented development in Fort Worth. A lawsuit targeting affirmative action policies at Harvard is moving forward. Voting rights surge to the forefront in Georgia’s gubernatorial race.

Asia. Women entering public life in Iraq are targets. A Saudi journalist’s disappearance (and likely murder) in the nation’s consulate in Istanbul has sparked outcry. South Korea is considering lifting sanctions on North Korea. #MeToo comes to India. Malaysia is moving to abolish the death penalty. A Chinese spy was extradited to the U.S. in a highly unusual moment.

Europe. A Bulgarian journalist was raped and murdered in the country following her efforts to look into the misuse of E.U. funds, although it is unclear if the two are linked. A U.S. pastor detained in Turkey is expected to be released. Even the U.K. is starting to question Saudi Arabia. Brexit is STILL dragging on.

Green Scene

Green groups and tribes both oppose Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s Line 5 tunnel solution. The IPCC warned dramatic changes are needed globally to keep 1.5 C of global warming from being the limit. South Carolina pastors are channeling their faith into activism. Flint residents feel rage, apathy towards state-wide politicians. Hurricane Michael’s horrifying, deadly destruction. In the kingdom of the bears. Polar bears have historically relied on beached whales to save them during hard times.

Spoken & Written

“For too long, politicians and the media outlets covering them have devoted more attention to the politics of coal than to those people whose lives depend on it. “ — Lyndsey Gilpin for CJR


I’m in one of those life spots where nothing is really good — my family is in hell over visa woes, the midterms are still in full-swing so work is exhausting, I don’t really have the money to comfortably pay off my student loans or do much of anything important (and yet I am spending money on plenty of things I theoretically don’t need), etc, etc. Things that have been cathartic for my recently include getting a large tattoo and shaving most of my head, which, if that’s what you need, do it!


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