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The Trump administration is still going after trans people, to a horrifying extent. But the new anti-trans memo is already a reality for a lot of us, and allies, sorry, you’re to blame. Towards a trans literary canon. The United States of Texas and California. Another great Andrea Long Chu interview. Salt Fat Acid Heat is a monumental tribute to women (especially brown women) eating without care.

D.C. © E.A. Crunden

D.C. © E.A. Crunden


Florida’s algae crisis dominated the state’s first gubernatorial debate. Oregon is very much not down with offshore drilling. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will commit to the Paris climate agreement. Super Typhoon Yutu marks the continuation of an alarming trend, for the U.S. and for the world. A diverse coalition hopes to finally succeed in passing a carbon fee in Washington. Brazil’s environmental activists are preparing for the worst.

Around the Globe

Africa. A burst of violence in central Nigeria. Cameroon re-elects its president following a controversial election. Clashes between Somalia and the breakaway region of Somaliland have left at least 50 people dead. Moroccans are protesting sexual harassment. Ethiopia has elected its first female president, although the role is largely ceremonial.

Americas. The caravan marches on and so to might the executive orders. Brazil’s most controversial presidential candidate already has his cabinet picked. Anti-Semitism has consequences: someone left an explosive device in the mailbox of George Soros following years of vitriol against the Holocaust survivor. (And then sent bombs to a number of prominent Democrats.) Texas smashes early voting records.

Asia. At least 18 people died in a train crash in Taiwan. Saudi Arabia’s story on the murder of a dissident journalist is all over the place and Turkey is very involved in leading (and benefitting from) the pushback. Yemen is in a state of utter crisis. Sri Lanka is in some political upheaval following the collapse of the governing coalition.

Europe. Calm may be coming to a Greece and a Macedonia (name subject to change) near you. As Germany backs away from its ties to Saudi Arabia, it’s unclear if France will do the same. Ireland’s blasphemy referendum. The Soros-funded CEU in Budapest is being forced to close its doors.

Green Scene

Storms are raging — Hurricane Willa slammed Mexico, Typhoon Yutu brought hell and havoc. Central Texas, usually in drought, is drowning (and water boil advisories abound!) New York sues ExxonMobil, in what could be a landmark climate lawsuit.

Spoken & Written

“Many of the “allies” I see sharing “You can’t be erased” memes are the same people who are too afraid of using gender-neutral pronouns publicly. They’re the same people who haven’t stood up for trans people in public or at protests. The reason the Trump administration’s memo can exist is because most of the United States is still successfully erasing trans people, and most “allies” haven’t done anything about it.” — Jo Yurcaba


I had a way-worse-than-average-bad week, one that has left me reassessing a lot of the relationships in my life and general level of tolerance I have extended up until now to a lot of people. It’s not fun! But here are some things that haven’t been bad:

Salt Fat Acid Heat, an absolutely touching and lovely way of looking at food. | Honey. (Robyn forever.)