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The enduring abuse of Asian women who marry non-Asian men. The emotional toll of being undocumented in America. PEN America sues Trump over his attacks on the press. And this year’s Man Booker Prize winner is! When lots of people registering to vote runs into problems.

Austin, Texas. © E.A. Crunden

Austin, Texas. © E.A. Crunden


Florida Republicans are increasingly facing tougher questions on climate change, which finally reared its head in the Texas Senate race, as Beto O’Rourke goes negative on Ted Cruz. The EPA’s timeline for its “secret science” proposal is suddenly a lot longer. Florida voters will get to decide if they want to constitutionally ban offshore drilling — although it will come along with a similar decision on vaping in workspaces. A bipartisan group of nearly 70 lawmakers has asked the EPA not to revoke California’s car emissions waiver.

Around the Globe

Africa. In Liberia, a U.S. charity is at the heart of a tragic scandal. The U.N. Human Rights Council welcomes Eritrea, among other controversial choices. In South Africa, a record number of riots and protests amid wide-scale poverty. Afghan elections were postponed in Kandahar after a brutal assassination.

Americas. Canada embraces weed. A pioneer in Mexican women’s football has been found murdered. For the second time this year, a caravan from Central America is attempting to enter the U.S. Brazil’s elections are an unfolding horrorshow. The U.S. is set to leave a landmark nuclear treaty. In the U.S., only some get to vote.

Asia. Ongoing international uproar over the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi isn’t really changing Saudi Arabia’s grip on the world, thanks to the U.S. The Koreas eye demilitarizing their border. A center-left candidate came out ahead in Bhutan’s elections. Tragedy in Amritsar.

Europe. You will be shocked, I am sure, to learn that Brexit is still not going great and the issue of a hard or soft border between Northern Ireland and Ireland remains a problem. In Russia and Ukraine, a church war. (Also, Russia, election interference, you know the drill.) Hungary, always doing the most, has now decided to penalize homelessness. Mad cow disease is back again, apparently, in the U.K.

Green Scene

Trump says climate scientists have a political agenda. Power restoration could take months in some areas after Hurricane Michael. Jamaica is cracking down on the trash ruining paradise. Hurricanes, Republicans, and climate change. Red tide, Florida’s ongoing nightmare, just keeps coming.

Spoken & Written

“Then, I learned that when you get a “byline,” your name would be in the paper, and that’s literally the only reason I became a journalist — just so my name could be on a piece of paper.” — Jose Antonio Vargas


My absentee voter ballot came in the mail and I have never been more excited to vote! If this is not an option for you and/or you just need more, I recommend:

Sourdough starter as the key to your bread adventures. | Lydia Kiesling’s The Golden State, which is definitely a revelation on being a mother but also has the rare distinction of leaning into the complications and agonies of U.S. immigration.