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Nova Scotia is a great place. Searching for the self-loathing woman writer. Traveling while Black in Japan. Roy Moore's Jewish attorney. Dressing for your sexual harassment hearing. Nicole Chung interviews Kristi Yamaguchi. On feminism and transition. Emma Green's equal parts controversial and acclaimed article on how America is transforming Islam. Three coming-of-age movies should leave you asking -- Who has the freedom to choose their path? Oxygen is disappearing from the world's oceans. A new DTF. Everything this administration hates. Raw water is the reason we should eat the rich. On the nuances of immigration and cultural identity.

Old town, Warsaw, Poland. © E.A. Crunden

Old town, Warsaw, Poland. © E.A. Crunden



Around the Globe

Africa. A gas fire cued the shutdown of Nigeria's electrical grid. A suicide attack on a Nigerian mosque also killed multiple people. Deadly floods are plaguing DRC. Coalition talks are faltering in Zimbabwe. Guinea says it thwarted a coup. The death toll from a train crash in South Africa has risen to 19

Americas. Five Mexican politicians were assassinated within a week. Canada is fucking cold and so is the U.S. Trump v. Bannon. Prepare for drilling everywhere. Puerto Rico is still without full access to water and electricity more than 100 days after Hurricane Maria hit.

Asia. Protests across Iran. Pakistan drew some unwanted attention from Trump on the first day of the year and then hit back. Israel's right-wing is dooming the two-state solution. North Korea agreed to talks and also threatened to bomb the U.S. India's Dalits are protesting en masse. China is cracking down on cars that don't meet its fuel standards.

Europe. Iceland is getting real about equal pay unlike basically everyone else. Latvians are fleeing the country for elsewhere in the EU. New year, same Brexit drama.


Spoken & Written

“Iguanas have a good chance of thawing out if you move them into the sun.” -- Maxine Bentzel, reporter at CBS12 News, amid frozen iguana drama in Florida.


Journalism: Queer and trans Texans are running for office in droves. U.S. foreign policy is already off to a rocky start in 2018 and that's including U.S.-Pakistan relations. Trump said he wanted highly-skilled immigrants -- but now he's forcing them out

Anything goes:

It's the new year and I live in an apartment coated with boxes and lacking real furniture. We ate on the floor one night, wrapped in sweatshirts and scarves; the upstairs warms up but not the lower level and, if you are unaware, the Northeast is frigid right now. We have no wireless internet and I cannot find where I packed my gloves. But it is a beautiful place and I feel glad we are here.

Apart from that there is work and and a new year of things to feel terrible about and no time and rapidly-dwindling energy. I spent hours on a piece this week about H-1B visa holders only to watch it disappear into a sea of other articles. This usually happens with my passion projects and this usually happens to most people's passion projects. Journalists know: the things you care about usually aren't the things people click. It's tiring for me but it's far worse for all of the people impacted by terrible policies that no one cares to read about. 

Mostly my week was tiring because, like everyone else, I live in a world dominated by white cishet Western male perspectives. I'll never know what it's like to live in a world shaped by people like me, and, arguably, there are more people like me in power than there are people like any of many of my closest friends. 2018 didn't change that. Neither will 2019. Or 2020. Rough pill to swallow.

But returning to work did reunite me with several of my favorite people. Much like the beautiful snow that accompanied the cold front, their reappearance in my life has reminded me how valuable kindred spirits can be, and how vital. Running off to grab coffee with one of my favorite coworkers this week and wrapped head to toe in layers, I remembered all the things I love about winter, which is, I maintain, a season of clarity. 


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