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Texas the surprise. All-male movie pitches. The reverend and the rabbi. Harvey taught the country about Houston. Poets respond to the end of DACA. Muslim DACA recipients feel like the most unwelcome people in the U.S. RIP Kate Millet. A tough summer to be a Jew

Atlanta, Georgia. © E.A. Crunden

Atlanta, Georgia. © E.A. Crunden

Around the Globe

Africa. U.N. investigators accused Burundi's government of crimes against humanity. A leading critic of Rwandan President Paul Kegame has been jailed. Kenya will have a new presidential election. Conflict in CAR continues to spiral.

Americas. Mexico was hit by the strongest earthquake to strike the country in a century. The Pope is in Colombia. Former Brazilian presidents Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff were charged in a spiraling corruption case. The ELN rebel group and the Colombian government have announced a ceasefire. Hurricane Irma slammed through numerous small islands (doing a ridiculous amount of damage) before hitting the mainland U.S. The Equifax crisis. The White House announced an end to DACA, a program that shielded 800,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation. Fifteen states and D.C. will sue over the decision.

Asia & Australia. North Korea tested a sixth nuclear bomb, sparking condemnation around the world. Syria's government broke a years-long siege by ISIS on Deir el-Zour. Indian journalist Gauri Lankesh, a critic of the government, was murdered in Bangalore. Israeli jets targeted the Syrian government.

Europe. Macedonia is mourning the death of linguist and activist Ognen Čemerski. The E.U. says Slovakia and Hungary are just going to have to accept refugees. Catalonia, Spain, will hold an independence referendum on October 1. Australia's contentious same-sex marriage survey is a go.


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"When we are with G-d, there are no borders. Man made borders on this earth." -- Rita Ruiz de Guillen, whose son Alonso, a DACA recipient, was killed while helping people during Hurricane Harvey in Texas.



Journalism: The White House has put 800,000 young people in danger. The Republicans who won't pass a clean fix for DACA. Students staged protests and walk-outs in the wake of the decision. Trump's policies will make recovering from disasters like Irma much harder for developing areas

Anything Goes:

What a week. Hurricanes and earthquakes and wildfires everywhere, while my head is still pounding from a lack of sleep. Next week begins thesis editing, we're drawing nearer to the High Holy Days, at some point soon we'd like to move apartments, work is frantic, life is frantic, and in all of this I haven't been sleeping or tending to myself in any way. Last night I half-heartedly pulled up therapy resources yet again, a small acknowledgement to the impact I know trauma can have (will have.) As usual I fixated on the price, the time commitment, the vague unknown of it; the tab is still open, and that's all I have to offer you about the subject.

In the lead up to the New Year I always think a lot about good and evil, right and wrong, how to live, how to act, how to be. To say 2017 has felt like that lead up drawn out over nine months so far is to understate something -- we are all well aware, I know, that we are living in dark times. But they feel more ominous recently, perhaps because we're moving into fall, and nature itself will be darker. I live for this sort of weather, but not these times, so there is a conflict playing out of sorts. Mostly I hate the unknown, a sad fact of life and an inevitability in eras like this one. But what to do about that? What is unknown next week will be known soon; this pattern will follow until it doesn't. This year feels like coming down a mountain at breakneck speed, hitting every single thing around along the way. The end is far from over, but what comfort is that?

The real problem, I think, with this current bump along the road in this year of fire and flood is that it has disrupted my patterns. Morning coffee, cooking projects, bike rides, trips to nature, travels -- these are the things I rely on to set everything into alignment again. But schedules and lives are such right now that I have neither the time nor the space to do what I need to in order to feel calm. When turtles are stuck on their backs, their feet kick the air frantically, trying to right themselves. That's how I feel; kicking the air, making no progress, exposed, while a sense of panic sets in. The best descriptor I can manage at the moment.