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When nothing has worked, perhaps consider: a binder. Growing up gay in a proud Southern family. RIP Tom Petty. Triple S. Sustainable traveling shouldn't break your budget. After tragedy, seeing Puerto Rico clearly. Cool, we are littering space. KAZUO. Surprise surprise, a cis white man in Hollywood has been accused of serial harassment. WE ARE KILLING THE BEES. Poland's radical break from democracy.

Great Falls. © E.A. Crunden

Great Falls. © E.A. Crunden

Around the Globe

Africa. Kenya's heated election drama continues. Several U.S. Green Berets were killed in Niger. The U.S. is getting set to lift sanctions on Sudan. Madagascar is dealing with, wait for it, a bout of plague. Gas blasts killed several people in Accra, Ghana. A crackdown on queer Egyptians has left the country's LGBTQ community terrified. 

Americas. Jagmeet Singh just made history in Canada. Five people were injured in Alberta, Canada over the weekend, part of what may have been an act of extremism. At least 22 people died across Central America as Tropical Storm Nate blew by. People on the Virgin Islands are livid with the U.S. government's response. Fifteen Cuban diplomats were expelled from Washington as drama continues to grow between the two countries. At least 59 people were killed and more than 400 wounded after a gunman opened fire on a casino concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Trump administration rolled back protections for transgender workers and birth control coverage for people who need it. White supremacists returned to Charlottesville, Virginia.

Asia. The Palestinian Authority is making moves to take over the Gaza strip. In Cambodia, authoritarianism is creeping. Iraqi forces retook Hawija, ISIS' last significant urban space. The Iran Deal could be toast, because we can't have nice things. Malaysia reckons with ISIS. The most polluted village in the world.

Europe. Two people were killed in a knife attack in Marseille, France. At least 900 people were injured in a vicious crackdown by Spanish police as Catalonia voted for independence. Same-sex marriage is now legal in Germany. Putin critic Aleksei Navalny has been sentenced to prison time yet again. Everything about the alleged murder of Kim Wall is horrifying.


Spoken & Written

"We will keep coming back!" -- White nationalist Richard Spencer, back in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend.



Journalism: Trump's response to the Las Vegas shooting was very different than his standard reaction -- here's why. Las Vegans rushed to help one another after the tragedy. When we talk about mass shootings, we are talking about white men. Trump visited Puerto Rico, where he complained about the cost of rebuilding the devastated colony. Americans aren't happy with the White House's handling of the tragedy. Lawmakers are playing games with the health care of nine million children and many expecting parents. The U.S. Virgin Islands go ignored.

Anything Goes:

These days, everything is about the time spent between waking and making it back into bed, which has become my only real goal. Exhaustion is a reality of journalism in 2017, as well as of my life -- I have a full-time job, a thesis due in presentable form by December, too many side projects, and not enough time or energy for anything. Finding the space for things feels like an exercise in futility; my weekends are my only free time but they're now dominated by thesis, while my weekdays are a sprint spent pouring over topics I become an amateur expert on for one to two weeks at a time until another news story breaks and then off I go, to learn a new area. Jack of all trades, master of none, etc.

There are some other things I'd like to say, like how it was a terrible week to be a gender minority while well-meaning friends and others spoke about how "women" and "ladies" were affected, how my complaints were flippantly dismissed even by close friends, how I felt unusually small and vulnerable in the spaces I occupy for a number of reasons, virtually all of them relating to my body and how it operates and how precarious it always feels. But I have to spend a day editing my thesis and, again, there goes my energy, so now I don't have the time, again.