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On being black and brown in Trump country. Why white supremacists go after Jews. On asking Jews to be more anti-Nazi. Liberalism has failed in the face of white supremacy. White supremacy is as American as apple pie. When Pakistan feels like an LA noir. D.C.'s electric cab drivers need help. Greenland is on fire. Skin in the game. WTF IS THIS FRUITCAKE. A changing landscape for abortion rights in Texas. Also in Texas: the death of the "bathroom" bill. Richard Spencer crying. Black, Jewish, gay, and using food as a weapon against bigotry. How many times am I touched in a week? Pakistani doctors are being refused visas to come to the U.S. -- and it's hurting rural health. An open letter to Jews in the U.S., Israel, and everywhere. Adam Serwer on General Lee. Black Charlottesville.

San Francisco, CA. © E.A. Crunden

San Francisco, CA. © E.A. Crunden

Around the Globe

Africa. Several people have died in election-linked violence in Kenya. Nigeria's president is still ailing. Over 400 people died during a horrifying mudslide in Sierra Leone. Zimbabwe's first lady turned herself in after allegedly assaulting a woman. A gunman in Burkina Faso killed 18 people in a cafe. Zambia's opposition leader was arrested

Americas. Venezuela vs. the U.S. A fight over land is heating up in Brazil. A white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia resulted in the deaths of three people, one of whom was killed when a white nationalist hit her with his car (another 19 people were simultaneously injured.) Trump took a long time to condemn the events, then promptly walked his condemnation back. Steve Bannon is out.

Asia. Several members of the White Helmets were killed in Syria. India and Pakistan marked 70 years of independence. A suicide bombing in Pakistan killed at least 15 people in Quetta. Clashes along the India-China border are intensifying. More than 32 people were killed in a day as the Philippines continues its violent crackdown on drugs and crime. "Umbrella" activists in Hong Kong are being jailed. A 10-year-old raped in India and denied an abortion gave birth to her child.

Europe. A freelance journalist may have been murdered in Denmark. Polish activists blocked a far-right demonstration. Thirteen people were killed and over 100 injured when a van plowed into a crowd in Barcelona, Spain; it has been confirmed as an extremist attack. A second attack was confirmed hours later. Another setback for marriage equality in Northern Ireland. Neo-Nazis marched in Berlin.


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“Jews will not replace us!" -- Neo-Nazi white nationalist protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. 


Journalism: Around the world, condemnation over what happened in Charlottesville has been swift. Before Charlottesville, the Trump administration eliminated funding for an organization working to de-radicalize white nationalists. Amid white nationalist rallies and warring over Confederate monuments, a battle is waging. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son argued leftists are worse than neo-Nazis. At least two politicians want to take down the monuments to white supremacy in the U.S. Capitol. Barcelona's horror. Texas' redistricting battle is just getting started.

Anything Goes:

It was A Week. I wrote about Charlottesville almost every day of it, and now it's the weekend and I'm worn out and down. Most of this week I've spent thinking about trauma and hierarchies and who gets to be hurt and who is allowed to take up space and who is centered and how all of those things shift so much in communities and bubbles. I'm angry at a lot of people right now, alienated from a lot of people right now, and, for the time being, alone; PIC had to travel elsewhere for the weekend. That's meant a lot of time to think and stew (a net positive or negative, I can't really say.) Now it's me and my thesis for the next two days, as well as me and my exhaustion. I have so many thoughts about things to write and no energy. On the bright side, I have found background music for this trying time: The National -- I Should Live In Salt. That's all I've got, really.