Survivor: White House edition

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Blues Buzz

The Big Sick, South Asian identity, and marriage: a rebuttal. Funding the racist right. Mothers who leave their children. Jenny Zhang, sour girl. Climate change means more ships in the Arctic which could be very very bad. The radical potential of queer road trip novels. Female athletes get concussions but we don't know much about that because of course doctors study male athletes. I don't want to watch slavery fan fiction. The teenage whaler's tale. Sperm counts in Westerners are dowwnnnn. Finland is just a bananas place. Man Booker longlist. Sadiq Khan takes on Brexit and extremismPoems. A shameful and cruel ban on people like me. Genrequeer and genderqueer in Alabama. Abstinence-only sex education, assault, and queer kids.

14th St, Washington, D.C. © E.A. Crunden

14th St, Washington, D.C. © E.A. Crunden

Around the Globe (Abbreviated)

Africa. Sexual harassment claims hit Kenya's biggest tech startup. A South African child with HIV appears to have gone into remission following treatment. Christian militias renewed their attacks in CAR. Al-Shabab is now making fun of Trump. Angola deported 300 Congolese undocumented immigrants.  

Americas. Venezuela banned protests ahead of a controversial vote set to determine the country's future. Nine people were found dead in a hot truck in San Antonio, Texas. Native tribes want an increased role in choosing attorneys under Trump. It was a truly horrifying week for queer people in the U.S.: Trump banned transgender military service members in an abrupt tweetstorm, and the Department of Justice indicated LGBTQ workers were not protected by Title VII. Health care repeal efforts failed AGAIN

Asia. Israel said it would remove metal detectors at Al Aqsa following outrage from Palestinians and condemnation from Jordan. India's Supreme Court heard a plea from a 10-year-old in need of an abortion. India v. China over apparently the world's most controversial dirt road. Pakistan's prime minister resigned, concluding a long Panama Papers saga. 

Europe. Poland's president vetoed a controversial laws targeting the judiciary (though another law did pass.) Russia would very much like you to visit Crimea. Italy faces water rationing crisis in Rome. Turkish journalists on trial defended free speech.


Written & Spoken

"I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock." -- Anthony Scaramucci, White House Communications Director


Journalism: Tensions over the Temple Mount continued to escalate. Trump revealed classified information about an operation in Syria on his Twitter account; he also held a deeply bizarre press conference with the prime minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri. Rexit? Trump's decision to use transgender military members as pawns is already backfiring. Activists say Detroit is in the midst of an ongoing public health crisis. Progressives unveiled a sweeping new effort to shield undocumented immigrants on Friday. 

Anything Goes:

Like most weeks now, it was a long one. Infighting among the people in my life, professional ups and downs, and the general stress of trying to keep above water have proven a challenge. Hunched over my computer at 2:30 a.m. Friday morning dividing my time between CSPAN and Pakistani Twitter updates, it occurred to me that I've lost all sense of time. At one point not so long ago everything seemed to be moving too slowly -- school, work, the speed at which the future was approaching. Now it's mostly here, too much too soon too fast, worsening by the day. In a nod to the times, I pulled my phone out Friday afternoon, wiping off rain (a flash flood was ongoing), only to be sucked in by push notifications. This is how we do things these days.

In other news, I opened my email this week only to realize my thesis is due the second week of August. So, there is that now too.