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Silence is an occupation all its own. Polish refugees in Iran. Faking "wokeness." Southern and queer. Stranger than fiction. Faith is no substitute for honesty about mental health. Bullying is up in schools -- but how do you stop the problem when kids are quoting their president? Uber is still TERRIBLE. The small Texas border town leading the charge against a crackdown on immigration. Students v. their teachers on climate change. Roxanne Gay on daring to be fat. All of the drama surrounding the Jewish identity of Wonder Woman.

14th street, D.C. © E.A. Crunden

14th street, D.C. © E.A. Crunden

Around the Globe

Africa. Senegal has resumed relations with Israel. Moroccan authorities blocked women from protesting. South Africa is back in a recession. Ten thousand South Africans were evacuated following a fire. Al Shabab carried out another attack on a military base in Somalia. Three peacekeepers were killed in Mali. The "cradle of humanity" covered all of the African continent

Americas. FARC rebels in Colombia have handed over 30 percent of their weapons. Floods have displaced 3500 people in Uruguay. Backers of a Honduran dam are pulling out following the murder of an activist. Canada is going to start beefing up defense because the country feels it can't count on the U.S. Puerto Rico votes on its future...but it's unclear what the vote will do. A federal government contractor has been charged with leaking intelligence to the Intercept. More U.S. health care nightmares. U.S. banks win big -- goodbye, Dodd-Frank.

Asia. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, and African nation Egypt severed ties with Qatar at the beginning of the week, with Libya, the Maldives, and Yemen soon following suit -- it hasn't been going well for Qatar. Three explosions targeted a funeral service in Kabul, Afghanistan. On the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square uprising, China arrested protesters in Beijing while opposition activists gathered in Hong Kong. A dual attack, on both parliament and the mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, left 12 dead in Tehran. (Iran blamed Saudi Arabia and the U.S. president made an actually horrifying statement in response to the tragedy.) According to reports, China may be looking to build overseas military bases in Pakistan. A "gay prevention" category was struck from a video competition in Malaysia following outcry. A military plane in Myanmar went missing; debris and bodies were later found. Yemen is experiencing a devastating cholera outbreak. ISIS claimed a suicide bombing in Karbala that killed around 20 people.

Europe. Seven people were killed and around 50 injured when three militants attacked two neighboring areas in London. Catalonian referendum. Around 1500 people were injured in Italy during a stampede at a football match. Turkey apparently had not stripped Fethullah Gulen of his citizenship, has now done so. Romanian scientists vs. the government. Theresa May wanted a mandate to pursue Brexit talks in the U.K. -- instead, she's got a hung parliament, an alliance with the deeply questionable Northern Irish DUP, and a surging Labour serving as opposition. Same-sex marriage, coming to some Scottish churches near you.



The acting U.S. ambassador to China resigned over Trump's climate policies. China and India are preparing to step up into new roles as the U.S. exits the Paris agreement. James Comey testified before Congress, and my senator, John Cornyn, decided it would be a great time to talk about Hillary Clinton's emails. Trump is still cracking down on refugees at a time when children are fleeing sexual and gender-based violence in the Northern Triangle countries -- Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Then there was Qatar, and all the ways the U.S. doesn't have a coherent foreign policy established. 

To top it off, Britain had an election -- I bet you wanted an American to explain it to you.


To do: Take care of yourself, and by that I mean hydrate, consume citrus and honey and anything else you can find to fight off illness and retain your health and well-being. I say this because I spent my entire week battling sickness, something that was awful for a number of reasons -- busy news week; close friend starting work, whose first week I missed; close friend leaving work, whose last week I missed; general inability to go to the gym or enjoy life and a last bout of decent weather. I'm blessed with a wonderful PIC who tirelessly fed me soup, shoved medication on me, and oversaw the consumption of copious orange slices and mugs of tea, and while I hope you have the same luck, I also hope you don't get to the point where you are in this state, and so I say to you -- take care.

To make: Something for the heat. If you know me, you know I am a cool weather person despite Texas roots. Heat is what I dread, yet here it comes. D.C. will be sweltering for the foreseeable future, so I'm keen on summer recipes. Excuse my horrifying levels of bougie, but maybe these sesame eggplant and almond butter tofu bowls

Spoken & Written

"He said he would do that and added, “Because I have been very loyal to you, very loyal; we had that thing you know.” I did not reply or ask him what he meant by “that thing.” I said only that the way to handle it was to have the White House Counsel call the Acting Deputy Attorney General. He said that was what he would do and the call ended. That was the last time I spoke with President Trump." -- Former FBI Director James Comey


“Folks, it has already been a banner week for infrastructure.” -- U.S. Vice President Mike Pence


Let's talk about this hung parliament situation. A lot of U.S. residents were deeply confused by what went down Thursday night into Friday morning, as it offered up a situation very unlike any Americans are used to. To boil down a complex issue: in order to achieve an outright majority, a U.K. party needs 326 seats. The Conservatives, or Tories, not only didn't achieve that, they lost the 330 seat majority they had -- meaning no party has an outright majority. There are several solutions here, with forming a coalition government arguably the one you've seen floated most. But the Tories only have a few natural allies -- the Northern Irish Unionist parties, and, once, the center-left Liberal Democrats. But no more the latter, so the Tories have struck a deal with the DUP, a right-wing Unionist party whose views will likely remind U.S. voters a bit of the Tea Party (so, right-wing -- far right-wing.) But while the DUP are to the right of many Tories, they are, again, Northern Irish. This means a soft Brexit is infinitely preferable to a hard Brexit for party leader Arlene Foster, preserving the soft border Northern Ireland currently shares with the Republic of Ireland. So...everything is about to get really interesting.