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Read the full court order that stopped the Muslim Ban 2.0. Celebrate your wins like you are the Dutch "GreenLeft" party. Housekeepers vs. Harvard. Experts in the field, or, a brutally honest take on gaslighting, assault, and abuse in the literary community. The media does underreport some terrorist attacks -- the kind carried out by non-Muslims. The genderqueer Jewish Nazi fighter who made incredible art. KStew has always been great, I will die on this hill. A Black trans woman on the problem with our fave Chimamanda's comments. Related: trans women should not constantly have to defend their womanhood. LammysThis article, asking Irish politicians whether they like Beyoncé and, if so, which song is their favorite, is possibly the best thing you will ever read. The underground abortion assistance group that helped thousands of women before Roe. The woke misogynist. Halal if you hear me. Very excited for A Wrinkle in Time. Washington's spy paranoia. Transphobe Pat McCrory feels he is discriminated against because he is a transphobe. So you're in an interracial relationship and you just watched Get Out. Bloodroot. Some of our greats on sexual harassment and assault in the literary field. How UCLA students want to redefine 'sanctuary campus' -- for Black, queer, and undocumented students. Music videos are finally showing queer girls in love. When the Queen of England leaves us. Letters from trans and non-binary survivors to their body parts. There will still be lesbians on Bake Off, for those of us who were concerned. Be cautious when you fall for the false temptations of the Russia story, Americans. 

Looking out over Northern Ireland. © E.A. Crunden

Looking out over Northern Ireland. © E.A. Crunden

Around the Globe

Africa. South Africa and Nigeria are working to prevent hate crimes against foreigners. Kenyan doctors ended a strike after coming to an agreement with the government. After a seeming slow-down, Somali pirates are seeing a resurgence. Thirty-one Somali refugees died in a helicopter attack off the coast of Yemen. A trash dump landslide in Ethiopia has killed over 100 people. FIFA has banned Mali from international football following the firing of the country's sports minister. 

Americas. Dozens of human rights activists have been killed in Colombia. Brazilians are protesting against proposed pension reforms. Trump's "skinny budget" dropped, and it cuts virtually everything you probably liked. The Muslim Ban 2.0 was halted by a hero in Hawaii hours before it was set to go into effect. Channel your inner Preet Bharara wherever you go. Twenty-four million people would lose their health insurance under Donald Trump's proposed health care overhaul. In case you somehow missed it, Rachel Maddow broke news of Trump's 2005 tax returns. The Forward, a Jewish publication, dropped a Nazi-laden bombshell about Sebastian Gorka, a Hungarian Trump counter-terrorism aide and controversial figure -- and they're standing by their story.

Asia & Australia. Japan doesn't know what to do with its mounting pile of radioactive waste. Afghanistan spends a month celebrating women, but like most things it gets complicated fast. Suicide bombings killed more than 70 people in Damascus. Six years of war in Syria. Vietnam has demanded China cease sending cruise ships to the South China Sea. China, for its part, is promising firm retaliation against Japan if it interferes in the area. A former Uttar Pradesh minister was arrested over gang rape charges. Pakistan has asked Facebook and Twitter for help with identifying blasphemers. Australia's Great Barrier Reef is toast if we don't stop climate change. North Korea vs. the U.S. is probably something no one wanted ever and yet here we are.

Europe. Turkey and the Netherlands are in a fight. Also in Dutch news, Islamophobe Geert Wilders notably lost an election. The EU's highest court ruled that employers can prevent their workers from wearing headscarves. Floundering French presidential candidate François Fillon apologized for tweeting an antisemitic caricature of one of his opponents. Keep your eyes on: Scottish independence (but not before Brexit.) Belgium's new deportation law isn't going over well with civil rights groups. A Crimean Tatar official was questioned and warned by Russian counterparts. Asylum seekers in Hungary are hunger-striking. A student opened fire on a school in southeastern France. A letter bomb exploded Thursday morning in the French IMF office. Ireland's taoiseach, Enda Kenny, used the occasion of St. Patrick's Day to lecture his American counterpart on immigration. Trump accused Britain of wiretapping him and then had to apologize. 



To listen: I've taken a stroll down memory lane recently, enjoying the music I grew up with (especially now, with SXSW full-blown in my home city.) Alternative rock is huge in Texas, far less so in the western part of Massachusetts where I spent four years, or in Geneva, Switzerland, or even here in D.C. Music is how I connect, more often than not, and certain sounds take me immediately home. So mea culpa if you were one of the many bus riders treated to the entire Matchbox Twenty discography blasting through my headphones this past week. (Bent, Back 2 Good, Real World, to name a few.) Listen to something that reminds you of a place you love, friends. 

To make: Admittedly I've laid off drinking as work and school have consumed my life. But it was St. Patrick's day, and homemade "Irish" (lol) cream is always fun, so have at it. For my alcohol-free friends, leave out the whiskey -- I imagine it's still delicious. 


Quote of the Week

"If I had to pick just one (which is unfair) it would be “Irreplaceable.” Apart from the general good advice from Beyoncé that we should move “to the left, to the left,” it would behove us all as elected members of the Dáil that we should never for a second get to thinking we’re irreplaceable." -- Jonathan O’Brien, member of Irish party Sinn Fein


Fun Fact

American health care is famously very, very bad. But that's not a global reality everywhere. A strong example is the U.K.'s National Health Service, or NHS, which provides Brits with more than decent medical treatment and care. But there are other strong examples for how a country should treat sickness -- New Zealand, Canada, and the Scandinavian nations are often cited, but why stop there? Business Insider argues for Qatar, Hong Kong, Japan, and more. And then there's Cuba's system, which deserves a close look and a close read, especially given Western attitudes about the communist nation.