She persisted.

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Unpublished Black history. Erasing hate. Our part in the darkness. One rabbi who was arrested protesting Trump described her actions as a 'holy act.' 51 immigrant poets, including those from the seven banned nations. America's ex-boyfriend.  Easy DA season with the Sharks. Anjali Lama, the Nepali transgender model turning heads. How Trump's travel ban has affected two Iraqi families in Texas. Sex ed for queer autistic people is a nightmare in the U.S. Ursula Le Guin is not happy about the science fiction-'alternative facts' comparison. At what point do we just call the Trump administration a white nationalist administration? Ordinary Americans carried out inhumane acts for Trump. Queering Islamophobia. The year is 2017; the dictionary has now become a source for good and triumph over evil. Messy Mya v. Beyoncé. Fascist, loofa-faced, shit gibbon. How a movement is born. The importance of vintage gay porn. #IReadIndie.

Northampton, Massachusetts. © E.A. Crunden

Northampton, Massachusetts. © E.A. Crunden


Top Stories Around the Globe

Africa. Talks between the government and opposition parties in DRC are finally set to resume. Nigeria's president extended his sick leave in the UK. Somalia voted in presidential elections to decide the direction of the country's first federal government since 1991 -- the election was held in the airport in Mogadishu, the only place safe enough to cast votes. In a surprise victory, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, a Somali-American, was elected. Kenya's high court blocked a move to close the country's Dadaab refugee camp, the largest in the world. Gambia is reversing its withdrawal from the ICC. Ghana's presidential fleet is missing 200 cars.

Americas. Bolivia has declared a state of emergency over a locust plague. Brazil's police strike has caused more than 100 deaths. Thousands of people apply for indigenous status in Canada; many are rejected. The Colombian government has begun peace talks with the ELN rebel group. A detention center's new unit for transgender occupants is raising concerns. A federal judge decided Donald Trump's travel ban was probably not kosher and Trump flipped out. Then the 9th circuit ruled 3-0 in favor of the lower court -- will Trump take the case to the Supreme Court? Trump is also waging a terrifying war on the media. Around 20 rabbis were arrested protesting Trump's Muslim ban. 50-50 DeVos. The Dakota Access pipeline is a go. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was silenced by her colleagues after reading a letter from Coretta Scott King opposing Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Trump's pick for attorney general, who was confirmed late Thursday night despite a deeply racist career history. POTUS v. Nordstrom and related violations. Trump's SCOTUS nominee is pretty horrified at his attacks on the judiciary. Russia/sanctions/Flynn/lies. A blizzard hammered much of the American northeast this week.

Asia & Australia. The Catholic Church's widespread abuses in Australia are coming to light. Australia is bracing for a massive heatwave. Russian, Iran, and Turkey met in Kazakhstan to begin discussing the Syrian ceasefire. A South Korean businessman was killed by police in the Philippines as an accident -- the latter country is busy conducting a dangerous anti-drug purge. Amnesty International believes the Syrian government is conducting extrajudicial killings, currently numbering around 13,000. Around 20 people were killed when a bomb went off in front of Afghanistan's Supreme Court. After an attack on its staff, the Red Cross is halting aid to Afghanistan. Yemen has withdrawn permission from the U.S. re special operations missions, following the deaths of numerous civilians after a botched effort. China plays the long game on One China policy, wins. A man attempted, and failed, to throw a petrol bomb on a Hong Kong train, a move that injured multiple people. Syria's dictator says no to safe zones.

Europe. Protests against Romania's anti-graft law continued. German conservative-center parties are uniting behind Chancellor Angela Merkel. The UK's parliament will not hear an address from Trump, a big break with precedent. Parliament also voted to trigger Article 50, so Brexit is on -- but EU citizens living in Britain are not protected. One group excited about Trump in Europe? Serbian nationalists, who would like to see Kosovo under Serbian control. Alexei Navalny, a noted Putin foe, was found guilty in an embezzlement trial -- conveniently putting a dent in his presidential aspirations. A Russian airstrike killed three Turkish soldiers in Syria.


To Listen: A playlist featuring songs from the seven countries affected by the Muslim ban. Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria have given the world extraordinary music; immerse yourself in it and then, if you're American, channel your anger over this stupid ban into productive action against this Islamophobic government. If you're not, still as good a time as any to listen to incredible tunes.

To Make: Perhaps you have noticed that I enjoy peanut butter. (I do.) It's been a long week. If and when I get a break from AWP (a fun writing conference everyone should check out) I hope to make these peanut butter cookies.

To Watch: ANNE OF GREEN GABLES IS COMING TO NETFLIX AND THERE IS A TRAILER, RED ALERT. (I am unsure if this will be true of Netflix in all countries but I am rooting for everyone globally here. If the trailer is blocked in your country, also strongly recommend the VPN route.)

Quote of the Week

“She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” -- Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who silenced Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) after she attempted to speak out against Attorney General Jeff Sessions' nomination by reading from a letter written by Coretta Scott King

Fun Fact

The rule that Mitch McConnell used to silence Elizabeth Warren is, as many people have noted, very rarely used. The Washington Post has some more information: the rule is Rule 19, and was introduced in response to an IRL fist fight on the Senate floor in 1902. WaPo goes into all the other times it could have been used but was not; Above the Law has more on its actual history. The main players involved in the original fight? South Carolina’s “Pitchfork Ben” Tillman and John McLaurin, the first of whom was a notorious pro-lynching white supremacist.