A reckoning

You may have missed last week's newsletter -- it is here. Programming note: your newsletter curator will be taking a break next week, returning to you the week following. Many thanks and easy times to you and yours. 

Blues Buzz

Oh Florida. Colin Kaepernick will not be silenced. Let the flood go on forever. "I really wish people would see fat people as humans" -- a profile of Roxane Gay. NEW PLANET. Try to sound more Jewish why don't you. National Book Award winners. Officials flooded one of Houston's wealthiest neighborhoods to save everyone else. Still waiting to dive into this piece on Laura Ingalls Wilder and Trumpers. On languages and colonization. I have loved Annie Proulx for so long and now you can too. What the closet stole from me.

Northern Ireland. © E.A. Crunden

Northern Ireland. © E.A. Crunden



Around the Globe

Africa. Zimbabwe's military threatened to intervene in ongoing purges -- then orchestrated a coup. The head of Angola's state oil company was dismissed. Nigeria's army may quit training female soldiers. Bad news for elephants. 

Americas. Thousands protested a blanket abortion ban in Brazil. Venezuela's state electricity company is defaulting. Another mass shooting where the perpetrator had a history of domestic violence. FCC BAD SCENE. Men with progressive politics are also regressive. Massive oil spill in South Dakota

Asia & Australia. A massive earthquake killed hundreds of people along the Iran-Iraq border. Lebanon's prime minister says he is safe in Saudi Arabia. Another North Korean soldier defected to South Korea. Japan is set to simplify visa rules for India. A market airstrike killed more than 60 people in Syria. Australians voted via survey in favor of same-sex marriage (though the results are non-binding.) Thailand says it may hold elections next year. Cambodia's unraveling democracy. 

Europe. Brexit could damage UK food security and standards. Thousands of white nationalists marched in Poland last weekend, chanting Islamophobic and anti-Semitic slogans. Sexual assault charges are on the rise in France. Free press not doing A+ in Hungary.


Spoken & Written

“Pray for an Islamic Holocaust." -- One of the slogans written on signs at last weekend's march in Warsaw, Poland


Journalism: Trump and Duterte bonded over their shared media feelings. Journalists in Poland also have reason to be concerned. Yemen's crisis is partly the fault of the U.S. All men. I spoke to Muslim, Jewish, LGBTQ, and other organizations about rising hate crimes -- all saw a link to Trump's rhetoric. Two churchgoers were injured by a gun in church during a discussion about guns in church. 

Anything goes:

What a week (I say this every week.) I ended yesterday on poor terms with a number of people after several weeks of sexual assault allegations finally overwhelmed me and I lost my shit. I've grown weary of people not minding their language or their reactions or prioritizing the individuals and communities that need it right now. If you aren't feeling personally triggered or traumatized right now, fine -- but always, ALWAYS assume someone in your proximity is. Center them. Keep your comments to yourself. Was Al Franken your favorite senator? Were you shocked your favorite comedian is in fact a vile human being? Are you amazed to learn millions of people live in constant terror of half the planet? Among other things, you should perhaps reconsider your heroes and your trust but regardless please know some of us are always afraid, never shocked, and weary of your surprise, your excuses, and your complicity. 

(What I mean to say is, you probably love a man -- who doesn't -- and you should probably be questioning him. Are you a man? You should probably be questioning yourself. If you aren't, you are the problem.)

(Are you a woman or an enby or another gender minority? Feel free to prioritize yourself. You owe a society that abuses and builds itself from your bones nothing.)

That's that and this is this: the final draft of my thesis is due a week from Monday, I'm going to (Eastern) Europe in less than a month and haven't planned anything, I'm moving on January 1 and I have no idea how. That's a lot at the end of a long year, but nothing this year came slowly or with consideration, so this is to be expected. My oven, however, is working, and for that I am very, very grateful.