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Stephen Miller, probably your least favorite person ever. Mexico City's unshakeable street vendors regroup and return. Why showing Judaism on-screen is rare. A fisherman tries farming. A woman sent back to El Salvador was tortured and raped. Love me some V. Woolf insults. The geniuses. Everything is embarrassing. Prisoners are cooking to death in the heat and humidity. On blaming women for the acts of men. What it's like to live on the Russian border. Celesbian gossip. Milking cone snails. Dating apps are making love more diverse.


© E.A. Crunden

© E.A. Crunden

Around the Globe

Africa. Ongoing debate over Kenya's election has resulted in yet more violence; the country's opposition leader said he would not partake in a redo of the election. Tunisia's health minister died of a heart attack. Liberia goes to the polls. Ethiopia is devaluing its currency. Anthrax could be killing hippos in Botswana. 

Americas. Harvey Weinstein was fired from his company. The Trump administration proposed a hardline deal in exchange for temporary amnesty for hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants. Goodbye to the Clean Power Plan. Wildfires ravaged Northern California, killing more than 30 people. Trump wants more nukes. Trump took steps to gut the ACA. The U.S. quit UNESCO and Trump decertified the Iran deal.

Asia. China supports the Iran Deal. Yemen's horrifying civil war is leaving its citizens with few options. Dozens of people died amid landslides in Vietnam. An American-Canadian couple held by militants were freed with help from the Pakistani army. India took a major step towards enforcing consent and protecting young girls.

Europe. Protesters marched in support of a unified Spain; meanwhile Catalonia put independence on hold. Hate crimes against U.K. mosques have doubled in the past year. People still really don't want to Brexit. Greece has a new gender law.


Spoken & Written

"I will tell you I left Texas and I left Florida and I left Louisiana and I went to Puerto Rico and I met with the President of the Virgin Islands." - U.S. President Donald Trump, president of the U.S. Virgin Islands



Journalism: The Trump administration unveiled a non-starter list of demands in exchange for protecting DREAMers. Around the world, indigenous people face an uphill battle. U.S.-Turkey relations are the latest casualty of Trump's erratic foreign policy. Trump is threatening to withdraw aid from Puerto Rico. FEMA avoided confirming whether or not reports of food shortages on the island are valid. Recovery efforts on the island will take a very long time; activists aren't waitingBye bye, UNESCO.

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It wasn't a good week and I am very tired and I have a thesis due in a month and a half, essentially. Here is a song