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The first South Asian YA novel. What nuclear weapons leave. Astronomy flourished in India before the British came. Journeys and destinations in Norway. The woman who charted the wilderness. Black poetry. When climate change comes for the fairy tale forests. The loneliness of Elizabeth Bishop. A Black trans soul pioneer re-emerges after decades. Texas is complicated.

A highway in Richmond, Virginia. © E.A. Crunden

A highway in Richmond, Virginia. © E.A. Crunden



Around the Globe

Africa. Almost 300 people were killed in Somalia after a devastating twin bombing. Liberia's presidential election went to a runoff. The U.N. wants 900 extra peacekeepers sent to CAR. Somalia is one of the worst countries for death by pollution

Americas. Venezuela barred opposition governors from taking office. The Palestinian mission in Colombia called for the end of Israel. NAFTA talks are hurting the Mexican economy and are not going well for any North American nation. Deportations are troubling Texas schools. Trump's travel ban 3.0 was denied again. Life in Puerto Rico remains a nightmare.

Asia. Plague may be breaking out across Seychelles. Iraqi troops clashed with Kurds; the Kurds, meanwhile, retook Raqqa from ISIS. How a raid on an Afghan village went terribly wrong. It was a week of horrifying violence in Afghanistan. India is grappling with its yearly Diwali pollution problem. Xi Jinping, China's leader, is sailing to what could be a very long term. Things are worsening every day for Egypt's LGBTQ community. Japan heads to vote.

Europe. A hurricane came for Ireland this week. Austria has a fun new terrifying young leader. An investigative reporter was assassinated in Malta. Spain is imposing rule on Catalonia following the region's independence efforts. The Czech Republic is getting its own conservative billionaire leader.


Spoken & Written

"“He is a thundercloud. He is quicksand. He is a deep bog.” For the last time, men are not the weather. You are not the weather." -- Alexandra Petri for the Washington Post


Journalism: California's wildfires don't seem to have moved POTUS. He does have time to keep blaming Puerto Rico for the island's problems, though. The State Department contradicted Trump's claims on Cuba. NAFTA talks ain't going well, y'all. Questions are growing after a deadly ambush in Niger. One Texas city has a strange requirement for those seeking hurricane relief funds. Spain's constitutional crisis is worsening. Five former presidents united for hurricane relief; the current president was at his golf course

Anything Goes:

I have a lot to say at the moment, but not a lot of patience. My weeks are typically long and overly eventful; I write for a living and I am paid to follow the news cycle. In 2017 in the United States, that's a lot. I'm also a person with a past and a present -- the things I follow impact me and bring things up. A lot from this past week will stick with me in weeks to come but I think the highlight will be that after a lifetime of abuse at the hands of masculine people a (cis, white, straight, well-off, able, American, etc) woman sent me a messageoffering a strident defense of men. (I called them trash. I stand by that statement.) I wasn't in the mood to respond so I didn't. My silence spoke for itself, I hope. What a worthless fucking thing to say. What a pointless fucking thing to say.

Stop defending privilege. Take accountability. We will never sleep if we do not do these things. And I am not going to save people who do not want to be saved.

Other things. I'm supposed to be working on my thesis, supposed to being the operative word. But now I actually am, which is something. Revision and editing is an important process but it's one I hate. Like most people I respond poorly to criticism; I'm overly sensitive in addition to defensive, which is to say this process isn't going very smoothly. But, it's going. For now that's something. Meanwhile the District is getting its first spurts of cool weather after a lifetime of summer. This autumn soul is ready for cold nights and long sleeves -- for me, the best of times.