The world ended and yet here we are

First things first: 

When I started this newsletter (around three years ago, when the world was marginally less full of darkness and despair; a lifetime ago, really), it served primarily as a useful tool: for keeping myself up to date with the news, for redirecting my constant stream of links from other areas on the internet, and just generally serving as a distraction in a world full of stops and starts. It has evolved significantly since that time, and I've increasingly wondered what exactly I want to do with it. News around the world still has my eye, but so to do other things. Photography, cooking, music, and on. Headlines from around the world, a picture of mud, followed by quiche, and maybe the latest from Justin Vernon. Can all of that coexist in one space? Is there any interest in that, in the harmony of words mud quiche noise? Perhaps, perhaps not. Over the course of the next few weeks (maybe months; maybe more) I'll be sorting out what I want this space to be like. In the interim, a few structural adjustments have occurred -- but the news continues. Cheers, Ev.

(If you've never gotten this email before and just got it now, it is likely due to a recent Mailchimp fiasco; feel free to leave or stay, but you're always welcome, and I promise to maximize the quiche and minimize the mud.)


Blues Buzz

Closing the gender gap in the great outdoors. Saudi women being amazingLiterary adaptions in 2017 to get excited about. Julian Castro on the future of affordable housing. La La Land: White AFHipsters broke my gaydar (and Effing Dykes is back!) Swamps are good + should not be drained. Beychella. 30 days of fitness to start off your 2017. Homosexuality and the Black church. The need for safe spaces in the queer community. Bisexual men exist. Did poor health care for women cause the downfall of Star Wars' old republic? Places you should go (#1: Canada!) Your shopping habits hurt endangered species. Americans have been messing with elections for years -- so why is Russian interference spurring such outrage? Yiddish lit wars. I too am tired of people saying they're speechless when anti-Semitic things happen. A big, gender-shaped mistake. One man's fight is putting transgender rights on the agenda in China. Megyn Kelly is not our friend and she is racist. The future of feminism in China. The erasure of Islam from the poetry of Rumi. When women "write dark."

Boulder, Colorado. © E.A. Crunden

Boulder, Colorado. © E.A. Crunden


Around the Globe

Europe: As many as 39 people were murdered in a New Years Eve night club attack in Istanbul, which the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for. Russia is seeking out military exercise opportunities with the Philippines. The UK's ambassador to the EU decided to quit, conveniently because Brexit. Ukip's Nigel Farage will attend Trump's inauguration. A Romanian Muslim woman who would've been a first twice over had she become her country's prime minister was denied the job and offered a consolation prize position as deputy instead. Finland is working to pay a basic income to its unemployed citizens. 

Asia: Japan has criminalized online stalking. In 2016, 6,878 civilians were killed in Iraq, per the UN. A kidnapped female Iraqi journalist was released unharmed. Syrian rebel groups have frozen peace talks, accusing the Assad government of violating the terms. Mass-molestations in Bangalore on New Year's Eve are bringing the conversation back to women, men, and gender-based violence in India. An Israeli soldier was convicted of the murder of a wounded and disarmed Palestinian man. As many as 150 inmates escaped a prison in the Philippines during a jailbreak. Burma has once again rejected that there is a genocide being waged against the nation's Rohingya Muslim population. Indonesia and Australia are bickering. North Korea + intercontinental missiles = oh boy.

Africa: Senegalese expats will be able to run in upcoming elections. Gambia's electoral commission chief went into hiding, which is a terrible sign -- the country's dictator now has until January 19 to step down, or else there will be an intervention. Four UN guards were wounded in a bombing in Mogadishu. Nigeria's drought is severely impacting relations between herders and farmers. Words of comfort in South Sudan, where citizens are benefitting from books. Germany is being sued for damages over the "forgotten genocide" in Namibia during the early 1900s against the Herero and Nama peoples. No charges have been sought against French troops in CAR, despite allegations of rape.

Americas: A deadly riot at a Brazilian jail resulted in the deaths of nearly 60 inmates and dozens more going on the run. A white man with a disability was allegedly kidnapped and tortured, an attack that was (incorrectly) blamed on Black Lives Matter. Texas is doing its best to ruin the lives of trans* people and Paul Ryan is doing his best to ruin the lives of anyone needing Planned Parenthood's (crucial and life-saving) services. U.S. Republicans gutted the Office of Congressional Ethics only to un-gut it after uproar. (It could still be re-gutted.) The nightmare fight over Obamacare begins. The NAACP is taking on Jeff Sessions, noted racist. Mexico has allowed babies registered with maternal surnames for the first time. #BeatingWomenIsHappiness. Mexico's fired foreign minister returns, courtesy of Trump and just in time for the Mexican economy to continue to crash. Venezuela, where citizens are rapidly running out of money and unable to afford food, underwent a controversial cabinet reshuffling


Listen to: Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Someone to Stay

Make: Latkes. The season has passed, potatoes remain a vital source of joy and comfort. Sephardic style preferred, individual twists and takes encouraged. 

ReadI Must Be Living Twice by Eileen Myles. Fantastic poetry, with an emphasis on queer and gender variant perspectives, for our upcoming dark times. (Bonus Myles.)

Quote of the Week

Fun Fact

"Kyriarchy", a word, coined by Elisabeth Schlüssler Fiorenza, is, per Wikipedia, "a social system or set of connecting social systems built around domination, oppression, and submission...[it] encompasses sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, economic injustice, colonialism, militarism, ethnocentrism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of dominating hierarchies in which the subordination of one person or group to another is internalized and institutionalized."

Now you know what we're up against: The kyriarchy.