Millions of marchers vs. alternative facts and that #FuckingWall

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Images from Women's Marches around the world. Those marches were made possible by Black resistance. Why were there no arrests at the DC march? Probably for the same reasons we shouldn't be proud that there weren't.  That doesn't mean journalists covering the inauguration aren't facing charges -- which is terrifying. "Don't be ashamed; organize your people." #IMarchWithLinda. The Oscars have succeeded in nominating a few people of color; slow clap. However, terrible men are still eligible. On that note, Constance Wu vs. Casey Affleck. Pussy is great again. National Parks revolt. Inheriting anxiety. Within the bounds of the body. We lost Mary Tyler Moore and all the glory she brought with her. Doomsday clock ticking closer. #FuckingWall. The best bookstores in Mexico City. Gain Milo, lose Roxanne. Nine books by Latin American women we'd like to see translated into English. Pigly. The Iranian actress who gives no fucks about Trump. Joy is this moment in the life of Venus Williams.

Women's March on Washington. © E.A. Crunden

Women's March on Washington. © E.A. Crunden


News Around the Globe

Africa. Gambia's leader has finally left the country, taking with him $11 million in state funds. His replacement wants a truth commission established to review the past 22 years. It is now estimated that more than 230 people were killed by the Nigerian government in an accidental strike that hit a refugee camp. Somalia is the most corrupt country in the world by at least this measurement. Clinics across Africa will take a massive hit in funding due to the new American administration.

Americas. An outbreak of yellow fever is hitting Brazil hard. Mexico's government has laid out its negotiating talking points as it prepares to deal with its neighbor to the north. On that note: Donald Trump's first days in office have been a whirlwind -- the global gag rule, which restricts funding to organizations around the world that provide information on abortion, has been reinstated. It will kill people. He has also killed the TPP, a questionable deal the demise of which will nonetheless cost the U.S. some standing, in addition to pushing it further away from the world. Keystone XL and the Dakota Access pipelines are also back from the dead. The wall is happening but Mexico is not paying for it -- Americans will. Immigration is fucked for undocumented people, a lot of Muslims, refugees, and maybe many, many others. Trump will publish a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants (presumably not the white kind.) Black sites could be re-opened. Trump is also alleging that he lost the popular vote because of voter fraud, which is 1) a lie, and 2) being used as an excuse to crack down on voters of color.

Asia & Australia. Syrian peace talks have been ongoing in Astana, Kyrgyzstan, and are not going well. China is cracking down on VPN usage, in addition to asserting its control over territory in the South China Sea. An Indonesian province prone to fire declared a state of emergency over smog levels. Kuwait executed seven prisoners, the first time since 2013 that executions have occurred. Australia interrogates its privilege. Indigenous Australia wants none of your shit. Families of the victims of Rodrigo Duterte's drug war in the Philippines are preparing legal action.

Europe. Britain must consult Parliament before triggering Brexit. Germany is moving away from a culture of Holocaust denial, which is troubling at best and terrifying at worst. Poland is slowly descending into authoritarianism. The Netherlands are trying to help people around the world pay for abortion to compensate for a lack of American funds. Domestic violence in Russia is basically no longer a crime. There is a very real chance that nativist Marine Le Pen is going to be the next president of France.



To do: Turn off the news, get off social media, spend some time with your favorite being -- whether it's a person, an animal, or yourself.

To make: I am a big quiche enthusiast, something that is upsetting when you are a person who makes all things from scratch. Thus it is with sadness that I share this news: the red pepper-kale-Brussels sprout quiche I made sans cheese this week would've been fine had not my crust been lackluster. That having been said, don't let my tragedy stop you: this broccoli-cheddar-eggplant quiche looks amaze.

To listen to (and watch)Swet Shop Boys -- Zayn Malik. Swet Shops Boys is a partnership between Das Racist frontman Heems and actor Riz Ahmed, who has made no secret of his thoughts on religion, race, and xenophobia -- horrors the duo's latest single tackles in full. Stereogum describes the video to prepare you: "In the Broken Antenna-directed clip, Heems, Riz, and other young Asian folks mob together on London street corers, shooting off fireworks while drones circle them. If you’re just watching it as a badass rap video, it’ll work that way. But there is obviously a ton of subtext about how brown people just found even more reasons to be nervous in the West." OH BOY.

Quote of the Week

"Go eat sh*t." -- Deadspin to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Fun Fact

Statistically, terrorism kills far more people living in Muslim-majority countries than those dwelling in their Western counterparts. While many Westerners live in fear of terrorism carried out by Muslims (and have fun names for this, all of which are a variation on "radical Islamic terror"), the vast majority of victims killed by groups like the Islamic State are actually Muslim. Numbers vary, with a few people arguing that 95% of all terror victims are Muslim (probably an overly-high estimate.) But even looking at last fall's numbers, most people with the ability to do math will agree that the majority of terror victims practice Islam in some way, shape, or form. This is, as initially noted, predominately due to the high concentration of attacks in Muslim-majority countries -- the same attacks spurring refugees to flee for Europe and the Americas.

Tl;dr a lot of people who practice the religion of Islam are coming to the West, and almost none are terrorists and almost all are running from terror. (Or just coming to live or go to school or hang out, much like other humans traveling to other places.)