The News September 18-23: The Ivy League of terrorism

Stories of the Week

What a weekend. On Saturday, a bomb went off in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City's Manhattan borough. Thankfully, no one was killed, though 29 people were injured. (New Yorkers, for their part, were New Yorkers.) A second bomb was located near the spot, packed with shrapnel--indicating it was meant to induce maximum damage. Over in New Jersey, a backpack was found with five suspicious devices, one of which exploded while a bomb team was dismantling it (no one was injured.) That wasn't all for the weekend--in Minnesota, a man attacked shoppers at a mall with a knife, wounding multiple people before he was shit and killed.

The fallout? The Islamic State took responsibility for the Minnesota stabbing, which was carried out by a Somali-American man. In New Jersey, a man born in Afghanistan and a naturalized American citizen, was arrested in connection with the New York and New Jersey bombings. It should go without saying that neither of these men are a reflection on Somalia, Afghanistan, or Islam. However, a mass media alert that New Yorkers received suggesting they be on the lookout for the New York-area attacker almost definitely encouraged racial profiling.

Blood in Kashmir, angst in the Subcontinent. Militants stormed an army base in Kashmir last weekend, killing 18 Indian troops in an incident that has shaken the occupied territory and further enflamed tensions between India and Pakistan, the latter of which is hoping the attack brings international attention back to Kashmir's occupation. This isn't going so well, as India labeled Pakistan a terrorist state (or, ahem, in the "Ivy League of terrorism") at the UNGA, which met this week to discuss the refugee crisis. India, for its part, has also summoned Pakistan's high commissioner to address the incident. Rumors of war are floating, though the two countries are unlikely to truly come to blows -- as nuclear-armed enemies, armed conflict would be unfortunate for literally everyone involved. 

Shot while reading a book? The killing of yet another allegedly unarmed Black man has the US once again overcome by tension. Keith Lamar Scott was shot while reportedly reading a book in Charlotte, North Carolina--a killing so horrifying it has cued protests throughout the state. Scott was also reportedly disabled, adding a deeper layer to his murder. Videos fail to confirm that he was waving a gun, as police claim. A man was shot at one of the protests -- leading cops and civilians alike to point the finger at one another. A state of emergency has been declared. Meanwhile in Tulsa, Terence Crutcher, another Black man, was also shot. He was walking, unarmed, with his hands in the air.

Charlotte, North Carolina (James Willamor - Flickr)

Charlotte, North Carolina (James Willamor - Flickr)


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Quote of the Week:

In Bendix's commentary, originally titled "Eulogy for the Living," she suggested those who enjoy work created by and for women vote with their feet. "The last thing I will leave you with is that we need to support one another, because support from anywhere else is not guaranteed," she wrote. "Support queer women, women of color, trans women — give other deserving women your money, your eyeballs, your attention." -- Lesbian Website AfterEllen To Be Run By Straight Men

Blue Out: 2500 life jackets.