The News August 28-September 1: Who's paying for the wall?

Stories of the Week

Donald and Enrique. Two polarizing figures from very different world views met on Wednesday. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto invited both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to meet with him in Mexico City to discuss US-Mexico relations. In a twist, only Trump has responded to date -- and so meet they did. Peña Nieto is deeply unpopular in Mexico; about as unpopular as Trump. Still, the meeting went alright, by all appearances...except that we still don't know who's paying for the wall Trump wants to build on the border. And that Peña Nieto is now even more loathed by Mexico.

The body count in the Philippines. Last week, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte made headlines for the growing body count in his anti-drug war, a trend that is continuing this week. Under Duterte, 1900+ people have been killed by both police and vigilantes eager to answer the president's call for harsh action against criminals and drug offenders. The body count is adding up -- and no one is stopping it. 

Dilma is done. After a saga drawn out for months, disgraced Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has officially been impeached. Her ousting comes following accusations of a coup, as well as ongoing protests aimed at the Brazilian government at large. Interim President Michel Temer will be sworn in as president, a controversial move given that Temer has been accused of partaking in what many see as a coup against Rousseff. 

Mexico City (Blok 70, Flickr)

Mexico City (Blok 70, Flickr)


Blues Buzz

The life and murder of intersex Olympic champion Stella Walsh. #MothersoftheMovement at the VMAs. (But we don't know if Drake and RiRi are official.) Anthony Weiner is still a terrible person. Refusing to stand for the national anthem. What Mylan's price fuckery with the EpiPen means for someone who relies on it to stay alive. RIP Gene Wilder. Nate Parker just can't stop digging himself into a hole. Earth is warming at a pace so terrifying, it may quickly oustrip the Paris climate agreement. Kaepernick. DO NOT *EVER* DO THIS TO A WOMAN. Don't call Ursula Le Guin a sci-fi writer. Cost, not morals, governs our food choices. Traveling in a hijab. The new queer embrace in a world that still demonizes many queer people. Even otherwise thoughtful people like Mark Ruffalo don't understand a lot about trans* issues. Sorry, Facebook. Georgetown atones (sort of.)


Regional Updates

South Asia:

  • Waseem Akhtar will rule Karachi from jail.
  • Pakistan's prime minister has claimed that loadshedding will be a thing of the past by 2018.
  • Pakistan has reopened the major border crossing with Afghanistan that it closed two weeks ago when Afghan protesters burned the Pakistani flag at the crossing.
  • India's culture minister has drawn fire for saying that foreign tourists should not wear skirts.

Southeast & East Asia:

Europe & Eurasia:

Middle East & North Africa:

Sub-Saharan Africa:

  • The Red Cross has called for assistance for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. Violence and conflict in South Sudan have left many people displaced and in desperate need of aid.
  • Nigeria has officially slipped into a recession
  • Gabon is on fire following the disputed re-election of Ali Bongo Ondimba, a move that continues his family's fifty-year rule of the country.


  • Inside North America's only safe legal injection facility.
  • Venezuelans are rising up en masse against their president, who has both worked hard to crack down on opposition figures and failed to address the country's horrendous food crisis. 
  • The world bids a sad goodbye to Mexican superstar Juan Gabriel
  • Two men have been detained in the murder of a Brazilian journalist. 
  • LGBTQ students in Texas are afraid of going to class over campus carry. 
  • The US officially resettled 10,000 Syrian refugees.


Quote of the Week: 

"Suddenly, Huma and Hillary were flying far above the Earth. Was this a dream? It must be. It was so beautiful, and for the first time, Huma felt free. “Look, Huma! White men don’t exist anymore!” Hillary shouted. Huma looked down and saw that Hillary was right. White men had been replaced with sandwiches. Donald Trump was a sandwich. His rallies were big sandwich parties. Sean Hannity was a talking sandwich. Ryan Lochte was a swimming sandwich. Almost all movies were directed by sandwiches. CEOs were sandwiches playing sandwich games like golf. Cargo shorts were sandwich shorts. Instead of The Bachelor, there was a show called The Sandwich, and it was mostly women trying to have sex with a sandwich." - Hillary Takes A Sweet, Sweet Nap

Blue Out: Gentrified tacos.