The News July 10-15: Glass Cliff

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Nice. During a Bastille Day event, a car, reportedly filled with explosives, rammed into a crowd full of people. More than 70 are thought to be dead, with more than 40 thought to be injured. Alarmists have been quick to deem the attack as being linked to the Islamic State; that has yet to be determined. What we do know: this is yet another tragedy in a world that has taken a lot of hits recently. Update: 84 people have died, and the driver has been identified as a 31 year-old French Tunisian man.

The cops and the people. The US is on edge following a sniper attack in Dallas that killed five police officers. The shooting followed an otherwise peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration, that was, well, focused on targeting police brutality. In the wake of the tragedy, hundreds of people have been demonstrating -- and hundreds have been arrested, including one of the most famous Black Lives Matter activists, who of course livestreamed his arrest. Also arrested? Black journalists, while their white colleagues were left alone.

She may, she may. Theresa May will be the next leader of Britain. She will be the country's second female prime minister, after Margaret Thatcher, and she falls easily into the glass cliff trope outlined below (wherein women appear to shatter a glass the exact same time that they become accountable for a male leader's mess. (However, please avoid Thatcher comparisons.) May is certainly a conservative politician, and progressives aren't hailing her victory. However, she did support the Remain camp, as did outgoing PM David Cameron. Downside for optimists? She's said she will still oversee Britain's exit from the EU.

Also, there's Boris.

Kashmir. Occupied by India, Jammu & Kashmir, not to be conflated with Azad Kashmir, in Pakistan, have long been set to explode. And explode is what the area did following the killing of a (by all accounts violent) militant by Indian forces. The killing has resulted in an eruption of protests and rioting, leading Pakistan to, of course, weigh in

Kashmir (Ole Holbech)

Kashmir (Ole Holbech)


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"You are the only person left on earth not in grad school or without children. You run." - Mike Lacher, McSweenys

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