The News 6/5-6/10: Can There Ever Be A Last Glass Ceiling?

Stories of the Week

Goodbye to a great. Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxing champion and African-American Muslim and activist, passed away last week. He is being widely celebrated by many people, and rightfully so. That having been said, those saying he "transcended" religion and race really missed the point

The rape case breaking Stanford apart. A horrifying rape case, involving a Stanford swimmer who assaulted a young woman, has made waves after the victim's letter (read aloud to her rapist in court) went viral. But the story didn't end there; the rapist, who will only serve 6 months of prison time, was defended by his father, who claimed his son was being unfairly punished for "20 minutes of action." This has, understandably, enraged activists, sexual assault survivors, and everyone with a soul.

The glass ceiling. Hillary Clinton has attained the Democratic presidential nomination -- she has both the necessary number of pledged delegates and superdelegates needed, in addition to having just earned more votes, period. Bernie Sanders' supporters are not going quietly into that dark night, however. Sanders has threatened to take his fight for the nomination to the convention, and the resulting mudfight has not been pretty. Regardless, the moment is an historic one -- Clinton will be the first woman ever to serve as the nominee for a major political party in the US. She is, notably, white and upper middle-class, just as Barack Obama before her was a male and upper middle-class despite being the country's first African American president. Clinton's net cons and net pros have launched many a think piece, including this one and, to an extent, this one

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When talking about the primaries, always keep in the forefront of your mind that all Sanders supporters came to that decision through a rational and dispassionate comparisons of candidate platforms and philosophies. YOU voted with your vagina. Nothing good ever came out of a vagina. Nothing. - "Managing Your Feelings Is Not My Job", Hecatedemeter

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