The News June 26-July 1: Brexit/Regrexit & Another Tragedy In Turkey

Stories of the Week

Post-Brexit chaos. After voting to leave the EU last week, Britain descended into madness. For its part, the UK doesn't seem to want to have to commit to Brexit. The EU, however is basically going to force it to. Immigrants, or those perceived as immigrants, are feeling the brunt of Brexit pain. Muslims, Jews, people of color, and Eastern Europeans are among those targeted. Meanwhile, Scotland and Northern Ireland are desperately trying to remain in the EU. (Brexit could also harm the Irish peace process, something very alarming.) EU leaders also cut Britain out of meetings this week, further adding fuel to the fire. Boris Johnson, the supposed successor of outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron, has ruled himself out as leader, leaving Theresa May a potential option.

The burden is undue. The American Supreme Court ruled Monday morning that the state of Texas would unfairly burden women if it imposed harsh restrictions on clinics providing abortions. Justice Breyer wrote the decision but, of course, it is Justice Ginsburg to whom the masses turned.

Terror in Turkey. Three suicide bombers detonated explosives in front of Istanbul's main airport on Tuesday during a busy hour. Around 41 people are believed to be dead, with over 200 injured. In a surprising move, Turkey quickly blamed the Islamic State, not Kurdish rebels--the usual go-to culprit. It was revealed Thursday morning that Eastern European and Central Asian militants were behind the attack.

Mick Baker - Flickr

Mick Baker - Flickr


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Regional Updates

South Asia:

Southeast & East Asia:

Europe & Eurasia:

  • Turkey has expressed regret for its downing of a Russian plane last winter. However, it will not compensate Russia over the incident. 
  • However, Turkey is still taking small steps towards EU membership.
  • A Syrian refugee turned in €150,000 to German officials after finding the money in a cabinet given to him.
  • France and Spain oppose allowing Scotland to remain in the EU post-Brexit.

Middle East & North Africa:

Sub-Saharan Africa:



Quote of the Week:

"Oh, no. No. I’m currently imagining this little twerp walking down the street with his arms spread wide open like Maria running through Austrian mountain fields. And while The Sound of Music is an absolute classic film, it has its time and place. And that time and place is watching it on Mother’s Day with your mom in attendance, not when you’re strolling down Third Street trying to get your steps in on your Fitbit." - The worst hipster marriage announcement of all time, Postgradproblems

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