The News 5/29-6/3: Gorilla Defenders

Stories of the Week

Retaking Fallujah. Since the week's beginning, the sometimes down but somehow never completely deflated Iraqi army has been working to retake the city of Fallujah from the Islamic State. This has, of course, been something of a challenge, and soldiers are currently stalled in their efforts. Iraqi troops moved into Fallujah at the beginning of the week, but the UN has warned that around 20,000 children are stranded in the city, and there is serious concern about potential casualties.

Armenian genocide and Turkish rage. Germany incurred Turkish wrath late in the week by voting to recognize the Armenian genocide. The move is only the latest in increasingly tense German-Turkish relations; earlier this year Turkey asked Germany to prosecute a comedian over his reported mockery of Turkish President Recep Tayipp Erdogan. While it's unclear how meaningful Germany's action will ultimately be, Turkey has gained an upper hand in its relationship with the EU due in no small part to the continent's ongoing refugee crisis. Turkey is uniquely positioned to assist -- as well as make demands in exchange.

That gorilla. So, there was some gorilla drama recently. Despite many, many articles, the real takeaway is that zoos are not healthy environments for animals, people should probably not judge the parenting skills of those they are not well acquainted with, and the life of a child was probably saved. Also, maybe if you eat meat think about a few more helpful things you can do for animals

Richard Ashurst (Flickr)

Richard Ashurst (Flickr)


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  • Brazil's drama continues.
  • Thousands of Peruvians marched against the candidacy of Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of an authoritarian former president now seeking that office for herself.
  • Striking employees of Verizon have returned to work.
  • A murder-suicide at UCLA mid-week was reportedly over grades, though now seems to have been part of some bizarre kill list and intellectual property dispute. 
  • Lead poisoning could be everywhere.


Quote of the Week: "

Because no matter how many times you say words like “freedom” and “justice,” genocide is still genocide and slavery is still slavery. Rape is still rape...Because American foreign policy is and has always meant perpetual war. - An open letter to the writers speaking out against Trump, Daniel Jose Older for Electric Literature

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