The News May 1-6: Be Great Again

Stories of the Week

The Green Zone. Last weekend, Iraqi protesters and supporters of Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr stormed Baghdad's Green Zone. The event followed weeks of unrest, namely because the Iraqi government has failed to produce a cabinet. While in the Zone, protesters stopped to take selfies and look around. Why? Because despite the Green Zone being on Iraqi soil and therefore belonging to Iraqis, it is dominated by Americans, who want distance from civilians. This means most Iraqis have never seen the Zone, even though it houses the Iraqi parliament. The protesters have since withdrawn, but they have promised to return. 

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. Thanks, Indiana. On Tuesday night, Ted Cruz conceded and abandoned his bid to become president of the US, leaving only John Kasich to challenge Trump for the nomination. Kasich conceded the next day. What does this mean? It means Donald Trump is one Democrat away from the presidency, that's what it means. Very few people have reacted to this well - including Paul Ryan, who apparently isn't ready to back Trump.

On fire. In Canada, an oil sands town's fire forced 80,000 people to evacuate. Fort McMurray, located in the province of Alberta, has been consumed by a massive blaze the likes of which have made international headlines. In what could be the worst fire in Alberta's history, the Canadian military has been called in, and the entire town has been displaced.

Erdogan consolidates power. A growing rift between Turkey's president and its prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, finally led the latter to resign his position. This will allow Recep Tayyip Erdogan to expand his hold over the country, as he has for the past few years. For his part, Davutoglu has promised no criticism of Erdogan


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Regional Updates

South Asia:

  • Three men were detained following the killing of a Hindu tailor in Bangladesh.
  • The doctor who helped the CIA track down Bin Laden has been wasting away in a prison for five years.
  • A 16 year-old girl was set on fire by a jirga in Abbottabad -- she was reportedly being "punished."
  • A Dalit law student was raped and murdered in Kerala, in a horrifying news story that has been compared to the infamous Delhi rape case that consumed India in 2012.
  • A robust media is transforming Afghanistan.

Southeast & East Asia:

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Middle East & North Africa:

Sub-Saharan Africa:




Quote of the Week:

"I was dating this guy and he had a blog and his blog was boring and I thought I could do better than that." - Jessa Crispin to Vulture, on why she started a blog

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