The News 12/4-12/9: A precarious new world

Top Stories of the Week

European political drama. On Sunday, Italians shot down a series of proposed constitutional reforms, which Prime Minister Matteo Renzi had staked his career on. Renzi resigned, as expected, shortly after the results came in. His departure leaves the struggling country in flux, and may well have opened Italy up to its own potential departure from the EU, following in Britain's footsteps. In Austria, meanwhile, things went a different direction, when a far-right candidate was rejected, seemingly shutting down (for now) the possibility of a truly unified far-right force across the continent. 

Trump and Taiwan. In an unprecedented move, Donald Trump had a call with Taiwan's leader, sparking a furious reaction from China, which has also requested that Taiwan's leader not be welcomed into the country when she travels next month. Whether or not Trump has any interest in doing China's bidding is unclear; what is clear is that foreign diplomacy norms will probably not be followed by the incoming administration. 

Native victory in North Dakota. After protesting for months over the building of the North Dakota Access Pipeline, Native tribes finally saw a win. While this is certainly a net positive for the environment, the credit really goes to the indigenous activists who fought back -- and to the good name of resistance and social action in general, which take a beating all too often.

Of course, stopping the pipeline for now doesn't mean it's stopped for always.

(Flickr - Fibonacci Blue)

(Flickr - Fibonacci Blue)


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“Members of the Satanic Temple are not required to comply with the Texas rule on fetal remains.” -- The Satanic Temple in Texas has no time for fetal burial laws

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