The News 12/26-12/30: 2016 -- The Year That Killed All Your Faves

And, we've come to the end of 2016. What a year. This blog + newsletter will be seeing a revamp in the coming year, as I try to decide where exactly to take it -- nearly three years of this project and it's still coming together. Updates to come on that front, but for now, thanks for sharing the ride with me this year; it was a rough one. Here's to fighting the good fight in 2017 -- and to staying calm through it all.

Justin Sewell - Flickr

Justin Sewell - Flickr

Blues Buzz to Send You Into the New Year

The irreplaceable Carrie Fisherfeminist titanbeloved funny human, and guiding light to those struggling with addiction and mental illness. (And pour another one out for her amazing mother.) The equally irreplaceable,  philanthropic, and very gay George Michael. Maggie Nelson on Prince. NYC subway system getting its ally on. The worst in whitesplaining. The L word. Articles by women of color written in 2016. No matter what, love is real.


Top News This Week

Shinzo Abe became the first Prime Minister of Japan to visit Pearl Harbor. Israel spent the week summoning ambassadors to yell at them over their UN settlement vote (and going right ahead and okay-ing new settlements anyways.) India's Tamil Nadu state is trying to lift its ban on emergency contraception. Romania rejected a candidate who would have been both the first Muslim and the first female prime minister for the country. The Congo's Joseph Kabila, who should have stepped down on December 19, has not -- and that is very, very bad news. Also in the Congo: severe flooding that has killed up to 50 people. The US retaliated against Russia for its alleged involvement in swaying the 2016 American election. The Syrian government announced a truce, backed by both Russia and Turkey, and brokered with rebel forces, one that comes after the re-taking of Aleppo, and would open the door for peace talks. Colombia has agreed to amnesty for members of the FARC rebel group accused of minor crimes in exchange for peace. Child asylum seekers from the "Jungle" in Calais are working to be relocated to Britain.

Quote to end the year:

"We have to create room for bodies that do not obey commands; that do not move in straight lines; that lose their balance." -- Queer Fragility


That's all, y'all -- see you in 2017.