The News 11/13-11/18: Well, this is all terrible.

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Donald Trump wants to: Deport 2-3 million immigrants, potentially prosecute political opponent Hillary Clinton, build "the wall", really screw with Obamacare and abortion, undo decades of work by gun safety proponents, and the list just goes on from there. Americans are understandably terrified, as are many people around the world. More than 400 hate crimes have been recorded by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the time since the election, and the number is only growing.

Syria's horror continues. After a flirtation with a ceasefire, Russia and the Syrian government have resumed their bombardment of Aleppo, whose terrified and starving residents are trapped. The UN has indicated that those in the city will soon be completely without food, and international bodies have no way of reaching them, to say nothing of lacking the means to even make deliveries happen. Meanwhile, Syria's dictator has expressed an interest in cuddling up to Trump, meaning that the US may have even less incentive to help do something about the conflict.

Aleppo. (Flickr - Ozsoul83)

Aleppo. (Flickr - Ozsoul83)


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Quote of the Week:

"Life is facing in one direction, to one place. I don’t think there’s any novelist, or any artist, that doesn’t experience that feeling. You are death-facing: That’s just a fact. Particularly when you have children, you are now what’s between them and death. You change positions. I think that’s just an existential fact that can’t be avoided. But I do feel, as I think people do feel when they’re up against it, that you get tired of trying to represent your people to other people, and expect their sympathy and understanding. At a certain point you just want to defend your people for yourself and for them, and become less externally facing because there doesn’t seem to be so much point. I feel like the Black Lives Matter movement is part of that reradicalization of the civil rights movement, saying, “We are our people and we will protect our people.”" -- Zadie Smith

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