E.A. Crunden graduated from Smith College with a B.A. in Government & Anthropology and a focus on international relations, later completing an M.A. at Johns Hopkins University in nonfiction writing. Origins and formation: Texas, Massachusetts, D.C.; stints in many parts of North America, Europe, Morocco, and Pakistan.

Job-wise: Reporter for ThinkProgress in Washington, D.C. + running this here site and newsletter. 

Previously: Co-edited first the North Africa & Egypt page and then the Afghanistan & Pakistan and Eastern Europe & Central Asia pages for Muftah magazine.


TBTN newsletter started in its initial form in 2014, and has since grown into something much, much different. Like most newsletters it is subject to the editorial whims of its curator; this means it currently features a significant number of links (relating to news, to culture, to general global happenings), in addition to quotes, photography, and other things ranging in shape and style. Typically sent on a weekly basis, but please extend patience and leniency for the occasional shift in consistency. 

A note on sources

It would take a very long time to list every source the newsletter utilizes. However, there are a few stand-outs, which include: Al MonitorThe Atlantic, BBC, BitchDawn, The EstablishmentExpress TribuneForeign Policy, SplinterThe Guardian, LitHubThe New York TimesQuartzRadio Free AsiaRadio Free Europe/Radio Free LibertyScroll.in, Slate, Tanqeed,  Toronto StarVox, The WalrusThe Washington PostThe Wire

+ a slew of others.